Cold Civil War

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  1. Mrs_Esterhouse

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    For those around in the late 60s, was the country as divided as it is now? Are we in a cold civil war?

  2. ber950

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    I was pretty young in the late 60's, but yea it was pretty messed up.

  3. EJR914

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    60's still worse, but it's getting there
  4. ber950

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    Like I said before I was a little young during the time of unrest but from studying the history, I think we are a lot closer to 1960 than 1860. We haven't gotten to bleeding Kansas yet. In truth we haven't even seen the force used against demonstrators we saw in the 60's. When people are protesting for basic civil rights raising the force level against them will fail because of public support. When folks are complaining for no true reason they don't get the public support.
  5. moe mensale

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    Ironically, the crap spewing out from UC Berkeley today is the exact antithesis of the free speech movement that was birthed there in the 60s. It contributed heavily to the civil rights and anti-war movements. The level of violence today hasn't reached what happened back then. I'm pretty sure it will though at the rate it's going.

  6. gunsmoker

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    In 1970, my brother dropped out of college with just 6 months to go to get an engineering degree. He was somewhat conservative, but the campus was dominated by a leftist student body and all sorts of pinko/ commie student groups and associations that were making life miserable there.
    Daily protests, weekly riots and lock-downs, professors cancelling classes (either for public safety reasons or just to give the kids a chance to participate in the protests), etc.

    He went to work in mechanical engineering without completing the B.S. degree.
  7. EJR914

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    My father tells me about how bad things got in the 60s, he had to carry around a baseball bat in his car just in case.

    I think every time he got in trouble, he was able to simply drive away, and I don't think he ever actually had to use his baseball bat.

    Then again he lived in a rule area, and didn't often have to go into the big cities
  8. Savannah Dan

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    I remember the 60s and the early 70s as being very turbulent. The war in SE Asia, school integration, and labor unions were some sources that I remember.
  9. OWM

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    Was not in the USA for very much of 67,68, or 69. Came back to Georgia on leave late in 68. Was strongly urged by powers that be at Camp Pendleton not to fly home in uniform. Found out why at Los Angeles airport. I wore my uniform all the way back home. I might add that the airport in Atlanta was a much different experience than LA. No protest just welcome back. We are not to that point in 2017 but I think the pressure building up now may be more dangerous than back then.​
  10. Casual User

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    Yep, the civil rights struggle, an unpopular war, an unpopular president, an economy in shambles just a few of the issues then. The draft also. The cities burst into flames in 1967, sometimes called the long hot summer, and again in 1968 following the assassination of Dr King. The Democratic convention in 1968 that turned into a police riot. The student protests on campuses following Nixon's Cambodia excursion in 1970, with 4 students shot by national guardsmen. The country was very divided. I remember bombings being a common occurrence.