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Cobb Precinct 4 Crime Report

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This is taken from the Cobb P4 (which is where I live) crime report. I guess you have to be careful where you leave your AK-47 unlocked. :(

Entering Auto-
414 Beat-

082707 - Gresham Road / AK-47 rifle and 30 round magazine taken from a 1996 GMC Yukon. No forced entry.
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budder said:
AV8R said:
budder said:
Just because someone's listening to their iPod doesn't mean that they're in condition white. I was out walking last night wearing my iPod and I can assure you that I was paying attention to everything.
Lighten up Francis.
I'm not enough of a geezer to catch that reference.
Butters, that's from Stripes! If you haven't seen Stripes, you're not fit to own a firearm! :p

Edited to fix missing, yet very important word.
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