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Cobb Precinct 4 Crime Report

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This is taken from the Cobb P4 (which is where I live) crime report. I guess you have to be careful where you leave your AK-47 unlocked. :(

Entering Auto-
414 Beat-

082707 - Gresham Road / AK-47 rifle and 30 round magazine taken from a 1996 GMC Yukon. No forced entry.
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082807 1550 to 1630 hrs- 2520 Sandy Plains Rd (Blockbuster Video)- victim left her new IPOD iPhone on the counter and walked out. When she returned, it was gone.
ptsmith24 said:
KENNEDY POND ROAD  (Nevils) A man told deputies he called the Georgia State Patrol to report someone was in the ditch in front of his house, even though someone was trying to pull the driver out. When the state patrol arrived and investigated the wreck, the man whose car was in the ditch told the complainant he would be sorry for calling law enforcement.
KENNEDY Pond Road? Does Ted have a summer house down here?
What's really funny is when we are at a store or out and about and my 8 year old son sees someone listening to an iPod or yapping it up on a cellphone and says under his breath, "condition white."

budder said:
Just because someone's listening to their iPod doesn't mean that they're in condition white. I was out walking last night wearing my iPod and I can assure you that I was paying attention to everything.
Lighten up Francis.
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