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Cobb Precinct 4 Crime Report

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This is taken from the Cobb P4 (which is where I live) crime report. I guess you have to be careful where you leave your AK-47 unlocked. :(

Entering Auto-
414 Beat-

082707 - Gresham Road / AK-47 rifle and 30 round magazine taken from a 1996 GMC Yukon. No forced entry.
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Yeah, some people are stupid enough to leave guns in unlocked cars, parked and unattended. That's a shame.

Some people are smart enough to know that if they want to transfer an assault weapon to a person who is not qualified to own one, they can arrange to leave it in their car, unlocked, and at the designated time their friend, brother, cousin, or homebody from da hood will come by and retrieve it. The victim reports it stolen, the friend gets the gun he wants, and all is right with the world (NOT) !!!

I have no idea which way this particular incident went down. I'm just tossing out crazy conspiracy theories.
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