Co-worker says she tried to stop shooting [on campus]

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    Didn't anyone tell this guy he can't carry a gun on campus?

    Co-worker says she tried to stop shooting

    Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007 - 12:40 PM Updated: 01:16 PM


    BOWLING GREEN -- A co-worker told jurors today that she grabbed a school custodian's arm seconds before he fired a gun at their boss.

    Thomas E. Monroe, 67, is on trial for first-degree murder in the Nov. 17 shooting death of David S. Ganoe Jr., the maintenance supervisor for Caroline County's public schools.

    During opening statements in Caroline Circuit Court this morning, Caroline Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Latney Jr. told jurors that Monroe had been fired by school officials on the day of the shooting and was told to return his uniform to the maintenance garage where Ganoe, 51, and secretary Suzanne Edwards worked.

    "Mr. Monroe pulled a gun up from his side. He was walking very, very fast," Edwards testified. "He said nothing."

    Edwards, who said Monroe and Ganoe were friends, told jurors she tried to stop Monroe. "Before I jumped on Tom I looked at David to make sure where he was so that I wouldn't make Tom shoot him," she testified.

    Edwards recalled being knocked to the ground. She then ran into an office and called 911 as Monroe fled.

    Defense attorney Bruce Ganey said Monroe was distressed about losing his job. "Mr. Monroe didn't go there to be a murderer," he told jurors during opening statements. "It is a tragic, tragic event."

    Monroe faces life in prison if convicted of the murder charge. He is also charged with possessing a firearm on school property, using a firearm and malicious wounding.

    The trial is expected to continue through Thursday.
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    didnt go there to be a murderer?