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I was interviewed about the recent Roanoke Times debacle by Kyung Lah of CNN on Friday at Vinney's Italian Restaurant in Midlothian. The restaurant was very hospitable, setting us up in a large corner so that all the camera equipment could be spread out.

The interview went very well and was done professionally. Ms. Lah asked some of the questions that were posed by Mr. Trejbal in his article - such as, "Don't I have a right to know if you are carrying a gun?"

I had been standing up talking to Ms. Lah for couple of minutes after I arrived. She looked at me and said, "Since you have a concealed handgun permit, aren't you allowed to transport a handgun?"

I said, "Yes."

She said, "Er, do you have one in the car then?"

I said, "No, but I have one on my hip."

A little embarrassed for not having noticed, she then looked down and saw that I was open carrying.

I explained Virginia Law to her about having to open carry in restaurants that have a license to sell and serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption.


This is TOO good! I asked Ms. Lah if someone was going to interview the Roanoke Times management and Christian Trejbal (the columnist who wrote the story about Virginia 'sunshine' laws, and who obtained and helped publish the CHP holder list).

Ms. Lah said that BOTH Mr. Trejbal AND the Roanoke Times Management are REFUSING TO BE INTERVIEWED!!!!!!!!

What about all that 'sunshine,' you were celebrating Mr. Trejbal?
What about it Roanoke Times? Surely you would want to lead the way by letting a little light shine on the damage that you did by publishing the CHP holder list?

I got a real chuckle when she told me about their refusal.

I guess I have been doing this too long as I wasn't surprised. I have dealt with people like Mr. Trejbal many times before.


Ms. Lah is also going to interview a parole officer who had THREE parolees show up at his residence, one while only his wife and child were at home! All three admitted to getting his address from the list published on the Internet by the Roanoke Times.


Thanks to those who volunteered to be interviewed. I shared your stories with Ms. Lah and some of your emails will probably be used in the story. Ms. Lah assured me that your name and other private or identifying information will be redacted when emails are shown on screen. Only the part of the email that talks about how your life has been endangered will be highlighted and visible to make the point.


The story is going to air THIS Monday at 8 PM EST on the Paula Zahn show on CNN.

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL).
VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The membership considers the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to be an essential human right.

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Please tell me she got the bit about not noticing the openly carried pistol on camera.

....wait....who was interviewed?

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I'm fairly certain that MP was reposting something from another site or an email and just left off the quote blocks. Sure makes it confusing though...

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USMC - Retired said:
I'm fairly certain that MP was reposting something from another site or an email and just left off the quote blocks. Sure makes it confusing though...

I got to the bottom and saw the VCDL alert and said to myself "...wait....who did this happen to?..."

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The show has been moved to Friday night at 8:00.

Sorry for the confusion - I thought the VCDL Alert language at the bottom made it clear.

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So everyone's safety comes second to Trejbal's politics? Well, at
least he is consistent in his view that the world revolves around him.

We still need another one hundred people to sign up for a VCDL
license plate (you do so on the VCDL web site), before we can order

Don't you know that Trejbal would love to see one of those license
plates in front of him as he is driving down the road! ;-)

Here is the Roanoke Times' explanation of their actions on publishing
the CHP holder database:

Lessons learned in database incident
More discussion and thought should have gone into the decision to
publish a database of concealed carry holders in the state.

We heard from literally thousands of people after our decision two
weeks ago to post an online database of people in the state permitted
to carry concealed handguns. Many people presented rational

Many others responded with personal threats of violence and acts of
intimidation -- responses we declined to publish.

The difficulty we've faced since is how to respond to the rational
objections without validating the abusive tactics and attacks waged
against this newspaper and the columnist who wrote a piece linked to
the database.

Amid the firestorm of criticism, we've re-examined our
decision-making process and reflected on the valid criticisms.

We've come to some conclusions.

First, we had a legal right to post the database. These were public
records, legally obtained.

In some journalistic circles, that would be enough. The Washington
Post's Marc Fisher praised the decision to post the information and
accused The Roanoke Times of caving in to criticism when we decided
to pull the database.

[Egads! Using Marc Fisher, of all people, to justify doing anything
that you are claiming is rational, is truly an act of desperation.
This continues to show just how out of touch the Roanoke Times really
is. - PVC]

But upon reflection, we wish we had more fully discussed the
potential ramifications before we made this decision. Dozens of
concealed permit holders expressed heartfelt fear because of the
exposure of what they believed was private information.

We gave insufficient thought and discussion to the potential that
crime victims, law enforcement officers and domestic violence victims
might be put at risk if their addresses were published.

Though many of our critics believe that the database handed burglars
a shopping list of households with guns and abusers a list of their
victims, no one can point to a single incident where similar
publications led to a crime.

But we didn't know that until after the database was published. The
potential for harm is something we should have given far greater
thought to in making the decision.

For our failure to do so, The Roanoke Times apologizes.

We also regret that there was not a more compelling public purpose --
beyond illustrating how the Freedom of Information Act works --
behind the decision to post the database.

There are vital reasons these records should remain open.

But those reasons were not well illuminated -- or even particularly
well served -- by the publication of the entire database.

The public should be able to monitor how well various jurisdictions
screen concealed carry applicants.

So, yes, we made mistakes. The process for vetting this decision was
not as thorough as it should have been.

Those mistakes, though, in no way justify the outrageous and
threatening nature of much of the response. Very early on, a rational
discussion of this issue became all but impossible.

It was extremely important that we not allow the unacceptable antics
of the fringe to distract us from a careful examination of our own

We want to assure our readers that, where we erred, we will strive
not to repeat our mistakes. And we will continue to advocate
passionately for the free flow of information that is the lifeblood
of an open society.

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Rammstein said:
Malum Prohibitum said:
The show has been moved to Friday night at 8:00.
So it is definitely on Friday now?
2. CNN delays yet again the airing of the story on the Roanoke Times debacle :-(

I just got off the phone with CNN reporter Kyung Lah. She said the CNN story on the Roanoke Times situation that was to air tonight has been moved to next week. She does not yet know which day.

I will put out an alert just as soon as I know the new date and time.

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Received today.
1. CNN to air show on Roanoke Times Debacle tonight!

At the very end of the Paula Zahn Show on Friday night, CNN said that
tonight, Monday, April 2nd, at 8 PM, the Roanoke Times' story that we
have been waiting on is scheduled to be aired.

I will be watching (and taping).
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