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Most of you know that the media does not know much about guns. Well the same thing goes for climate change and global warming. I was reading recent stories about different bills in the US Senate about them and other stories about how Bush should sign up to Kyoto and the upcoming G8 conference, so I decided to post a few facts and the key myths that keep showing up in papers.

Myth 1- Humans are pumping out Carbon Dioxide (the biggest greenhouse effect gas) causing the Earth's Stable Climate to heat up rapidly because of our industrial economy.
(This is backed by Michael Mann's hocky stick graph, published in the IPCC's Climate assement that was the reason behind the Kyoto Protocol).

Fact 1 - Their is no such thing as a stable climate. Our own historical documents tell of the Vikings settling on Greenland when it was actually green (Medieval warm period), now only the coasts are not covered in ice. Also we have a little ice age from 1450-1850 where during the winter in Virginia the snow was on the ground for months.
That is not to mention scientific discoveries of signs that glaciers once covered New York and remains of trees that only grow in warmer climates found under retreating glaciers.
Therefore it has been MUCH colder than it is now and MUCH warmer and yet humans are still on the Earth.

Fact 2 - Carbon Dioxide is a green house gas, however WATER vapor is the biggest at about 98% of the "effect". Human produced CO2 represents about 0.2% of the "effect".

Fact 3 - Depends on your idea of "rapid". In the last 200 years (since the end of the Little Ice Age) the earth has warmed 1 - 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

Myth 2 - Kyoto sets limits on Carbon emissions (not cut them out all together) because carbon is the largest human produced greenhouse gas. If you reduce human produced CO2 you will keep the temperature from rising and CO2 is polution, so it is not good for the environment.

Fact 1 - If Kyoto eliminated ALL human produced CO2, cars, power plants, and breathing, it would cut 0.2% of Earths Greenhouse Gases. However, if Kyoto had got every country including the US and Australia, and it did not end until 2050, we would eliminate 0.07%.

Fact 2 - From 1900 until now CO2 emissions continue to climb, yet in 1930s-1970s the Earth was in a cooling phase. If CO2 raises temps, why did they go down while more and more CO2 was being released? Because CO2 and temp are not cause and effect related.

Fact3 - The environment consists of plants and plants take in CO2 and give off Oxygen. Calling CO2 pollution to the environment is like saying Oxygen is pollution for humans.

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4real, This "global warming" is nothing more than envirofreek hype. Just something for the tree huggers to bitch about.

Last week was the first time I had used my A/C so far this year. And I thought iit was supposed to be getting warmer :roll:

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Here is another no disput fact.

Global warming has been going on since the Ice Age.

That my friends is the bottom line.
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