Clerk Locks Robbers Inside Covington Store

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    Clerk Locks Robbers Inside Covington Store

    POSTED: 6:21 am EDT April 3, 2007
    UPDATED: 6:52 am EDT April 3, 2007

    COVINGTON, Ga. -- A pair of gunmen found themselves locked inside a convenience store they just held up.

    E. Jane Caraway, the clerk at the First Choice store on Covington Highway, said it was all a mistake.

    The two gunmen had just robbed the store and were trying to make their getaway.

    That's when Caraway reached for the alarm button, but she accidentally hit the lock button, trapping the bad guys inside the store.

    One of the gunmen was so surprised he pulled down his hooded sweatshirt, giving police a good look at his face on security video.

    The hold-up men wanted out and threatened to kill Caraway unless she unlocked the doors.

    "One guy who did all the talking came back around the counter and threatened to kill me," she told police.

    "I told him, 'Don't be stupid, I'll unlock the door."

    She did and they robbers hot-footed it out of there.

    But police say they weren't finished.

    Ninety minutes later the same pair held up the K.C. Daycare Center just down the street from the convenience store.
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    What in the hell are they gonna steal at a daycare? Do people pay with cash at a daycare? Sorry dont have kids, but I would think they dont usually take cash!

    These are definitely some very smart BG's

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    maybe they have kids & were out of diapers. :lol: