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What stuck out to me was this:

The couple runs a thrift shop, and the routinely buy the contents of unpaid storage units. Their $1,700 bid won an auction for the Toyota.

"And then we found out it was stolen," Michelle Pierce told Keefe.

When they discovered the car was stolen, they telephoned 911 and immediately turned the Toyota over to Clayton County Police. But when Michael and Michelle discovered no one had a claim on the car, they went back to the Clayton County Police Department and got a signed release from the Police Department impound.
I can't wrap my head around this. Cars are titled and registered to people. Wouldn't the previous owner have a claim to it, or their insurance company if insurance had covered the loss? How does something even become "stolen" in the eyes of the law if the rightful owner doesn't report it as such?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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