Civilian ownership of Winchester 870 MCS

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ArmyJoe, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Please help me out here.
    Here is the scenario.

    A friend of mine is an Army officer who just rotated back from Iraq. Prior to deployment, Winchester "loaned" his unit 5 new combat shotguns for use and soldier feedback on performance. These shotguns are the Model 870 MCS complete with 18", 14", and 10" barrels. This weapon system allows the soldier to configure the weapon based on the mission.
    When my friend's unit returned from Iraq, Winchester did not want the weapons back and since they were not on the units property book or MTOE, the Army had no use for them. Essentially, the weapons were in limbo. Winchester sold the 5 weapons to the officers for $500 each. I do not think there is a "papertrail".
    Here is my question. How does one legally register this weapon? Is it AOW for $5 stamp or SBS for $200? Any advice would be appreciated. He absolutely wants to do it "the right way".
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    You can be fairly certain Winchinster has records showing these sales, so there is a paper trail, and the BATF will be looking for something from the new owners once they review those records.

    If I had one of those weapons, I'd be contacting the BATF as soon as I possibly could and register it as an AOW or SBS per their definition.

    I'd also (quickly) let the other four guys know what I had done.

    The risk vs. reward evaluation of this situation comes down heavily on the "risk" side of the equation. I've never heard anyone say they enjoyed staying at Club Fed's Iron Bar Hotel.......

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    Contact the ATF anonymously . . .

    First, I would contact an FFL who can process class III, like Autrey's Armory in Fayetteville and see if they cannot guide you through the process.

    This is ten years in prison and a huge fine. No joke. Look at the guy in Arkansas.

    There is a way to do it correctly.