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CIA agents who got it wrong receive light punishments

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It seems that even after some people were mistakenly killed or imprisoned after 9/11 received light or no punishment at all.

Just another case of no accountability from our government. ... -punished/
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But far too often, we create monsters so you watch this hand, while the true intent is to keep you from looking what is really going on.

Everyone should look up the World Trade Center and ask themselves why a chemical analysis of the site contained thermite. Then they should ask themselves at what temperatures is it required to melt steel, and how hot does jet fuel burn for 30 minutes in an open space.

Then they should ask themselves why agents escorted the underwear bomber, Abdulmutallab around security checkpoints and directly onto the plane only to arrest him minutes later for bringing explosives onto the plane.

But let's create a monster so the sheep wil go where we tell them to.
Thermite is not used in buildings. It is used to bring them down. Nor is it a byproduct of some other chemical reaction such as heat.

While this article does not mention thermite it debunks the idea that the fire was sufficient to bring down the buildings. ... -0112.html

How do we explain the pillars of white smoke coming from the basement area moments before its collapse. Watch some videos from the collapse. Thermite produces heavy white smoke.
The owners of the building took out a massive insurance policy on the buildings in case of a terrorist attack just months before 9/11.

The buildings were sitting half empty at the time. That's because NYC had changed their building codes. In 1972 it was legal to use asbestos as a fire retardant. Then they changed the law saying it was dangerous. What the city was doing to the building owners, and the reason the previous owner was forced to sell is that that they had to bring all office space up to code before allowing a new tenant in. It would have cost billions to retrofit all that empty office space.

Turns out cheaper to start fresh, and with an insurance settlement to pay for it.

Then I suggest you watch this news cast about the collapse of Building 7. Turns out this was reported 30 minutes prior to its actual collapse.....oops!

Then it turns out that all of the materials for the Enron investigation were housed in this building. All of it was lost and the investigation collapsed.
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No I am saying folks from Saudi and Egypt flew planes into buildings, that is not what brought them down. Let no good crisis go to waste.

As for the media, I think we all know that they are easily manipulated.
I doubt we'll ever know who actually set it, but they had over an hour and a half to do it. Larry Silverstein admits on tape that he had Building 7 'pulled' so we know the folks were there.
Absolutely, and I buy that a single shooter took out JFK with a magic bullet as well. Why scrutinize the official reports, they are smarter than us, right?
Anybody tried getting 3 shots in six seconds out of an Italian Carcano? Any tried to get those 3 shots to be accurate? How about getting three accurate shots in six seconds on a target 400+ yards away on a target that is moving away and to the right?

Now let's get a guy that had trouble getting through his markmanship qualification in basic to do it.

Now let's say we find the bullet that that killed him in pristine condition on the gurney as it fell out of his head.
That is a sniper shot, not just for a 'marksman.' They just wanted to pick a guy that would maintain the narrative of Soviet aggression. Since he died, the sheep could go back to their lives, and sleep well again.
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