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CIA agents who got it wrong receive light punishments

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It seems that even after some people were mistakenly killed or imprisoned after 9/11 received light or no punishment at all.

Just another case of no accountability from our government. ... -punished/
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bdee said:
Everyone should look up the World Trade Center and ask themselves why a chemical analysis of the site contained thermite. Then they should ask themselves at what temperatures is it required to melt steel, and how hot does jet fuel burn for 30 minutes in an open space.

Quick whats Thermite made from? Do you think those materials may be present in every Highrise building?

They should also ask themselves "at what temperatures is it required to melt steel, and how hot does [s:1nos3hsy]jet fuel[/s:1nos3hsy] gasoline burn for 30 minutes in an open space."

And then read about the California Interchange fire.,2933,269118,00.html#
Witnesses reported flames rising up to 200 feet into the air. Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound Interstate 580 above to buckle and bolts holding the structure together to melt, leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director Will Kempton said.

Read more:,2933,269118,00.html##ixzz1DVDed9rM
bdee said:
Thermite is not used in buildings. It is used to bring them down. Nor is it a byproduct of some other chemical reaction such as heat.

While this article does not mention thermite it debunks the idea that the fire was sufficient to bring down the buildings. ... -0112.html

How do we explain the pillars of white smoke coming from the basement area moments before its collapse. Watch some videos from the collapse. Thermite produces heavy white smoke.
Thermite is made of Iron Oxide(rust) and aluminum. Both are present in modern construction.

Lots of things cause heavy white smoke, and your article does nothing to debunk anything.
So if someone intentionally used thermite (not exactly the best choice to do structural damage but I'll give it to you), who did it and why?
So the building's owners knew that Al-Queda was going to fly planes into the WTC, so they set it up so they could destroy the building afterwards. Enron, decided that they could use it to destroy some incriminating evidence, and the Media was given the heads up on the story. And no one leaked this information beforehand?

You would think by how much the Media proclaimed to hate Bush, that they wouldn't have went along with it.
bdee said:
No I am saying folks from Saudi and Egypt flew planes into buildings, that is not what brought them down. Let no good crisis go to waste.

As for the media, I think we all know that they are easily manipulated.
So who set the thermite and when did they place it there?
So they snuck in past all of the fire and police to plant the thermite?

It doesn't matter what anyone says, you will believe what you want no matter how many holes it has.
bdee said:
Anybody tried getting 3 shots in six seconds out of an Italian Carcano? Any tried to get those 3 shots to be accurate? How about getting three accurate shots in six seconds on a target 400+ yards away on a target that is moving away and to the right?

Now let's get a guy that had trouble getting through his markmanship qualification in basic to do it.

Now let's say we find the bullet that that killed him in pristine condition on the gurney as it fell out of his head.
Wow you don't even bother to get your facts right.

First, your timeline is wrong.
Shot 1 (Missed shot) --- Z160 (approx.), could actually be earlier as Zapruder had just turned his camera back on..
Shot 2 (SBT shot) ------ Z224.
Shot 3 (Head shot) ----- Z313.
Total Time around 8.3 seconds

Second the rifle was accurate enough to group about 4 inches at 100 yards when the FBI tested it. Which from what I understand was about average for that type of rifle.

Thirdly the distance was estimated by The Warren Commission at 176.9 feet (53.9 m) to 190.8 feet (58.2 m) from the sixth floor corner window of the Depository when he was shot in the neck, and 265.3 feet (80.9 m) when he was shot in the head. That's a huge difference from 200 yards.

Fourthly Oswald managed to score sharpshooter in basic, which is not "trouble getting through his marksmanship qualification".
In Dec. 1948, a new rifle course with a possible score of 250 points was introduced, similar to the scoring system used today.
Weapons ranges aboard the Depot saw drastic changes in the years leading up to the Korean War. The contraction of concrete grenade pits, and an indoor .22-caliber rifle range were several that occurred, Alvarez writes.
Alvarez writes, recruits fired the .22-caliber rifle prior to firing the M1 Garand to qualify on the range and were also familiarized with the Browning Automatic Rifle.
The first week on the range was devoted firing with no ammunition while aiming at large black dots painted on white wooden posts. The second week recruits fired both the .22-caliber and M1 rifles, and worked pulling targets in the rifle range pits.
“Record day†was a high point in recruit training and occurred during the third range week. Shots were fired in the standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone positions at the 200, 300 and 500-yard lines for a maximum score of 250 points. This system remained in place until 2007.
One hundred and ninety points were required to achieve the marksman's medal, 210 points for a sharpshooter, and an expert rifleman had to score 220-250 points, Alvarez writes.
So he managed to achieve more than 210 points at ranges starting at twice the distance he shot at the president from.

Fifthly, the bullet found "pristine condition on the gurney as it fell out of his head." The only part of your statement correct is it was found on a gurney,Only it was Governor Connally's gurney after it worked its way out of his leg and it wasn't in Pristine condition, which you could tell if you looked at it end on...
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bdee said:
That is a sniper shot, not just for a 'marksman.' They just wanted to pick a guy that would maintain the narrative of Soviet aggression. Since he died, the sheep could go back to their lives, and sleep well again.
I could make that shot all day long using Iron sights. I'm not a sniper.
But fact's don't seem to have any relevancy to your fantasies so it doesn't matter how much evidence there is.
JiG said:
Jesse Ventura tries Oswald's shot: start at 15:30

So a man with no experience with the weapon can't shoot it as fast or as well as someone who practiced with it is surprising?

If you want to talk video's Investigation Discovery reenacted the shots with results that were very similar to the actual events.
JiG said:
Ashe said:
JiG said:
Jesse Ventura tries Oswald's shot: start at 15:30

So a man with no experience with the weapon can't shoot it as fast or as well as someone who practiced with it is surprising?

If you want to talk video's Investigation Discovery reenacted the shots with results that were very similar to the actual events.
Well, since only official explanations seem to work on you, the Warren commission couldn't duplicate it. So that's that, case closed.

And yeah, from the time I posted til you posted told me that while you may or may not have watched jesse try to shoot, you didn't watch the episode. You might have learned something, might have disagreed too. But oh well, you're more interested in making your case than taking in new info. That's cool. I see it all the time. Once we get defensive, rational discussion kinda goes out the window while everyone argues past each other.
Really, you know for a fact I didn't watch the episode? Really? It's completely impossible I saw the episode when it first aired? Quick, whats next weeks lotto numbers Melvin the Magnificent?

I used to be really really big into the Kennedy Assassination, I even traveled to Daly Plaza once. But as I got older I kept noticing holes in all the theories.

I'm a big fan of facts, not theories , and there are no facts that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was any sort of conspiracy. The ballistics all point to a single shooter , firing from above, behind and to the right of Kennedy when he was shot. The fact is that a rifle bought by A. Hidell (Oswald's alias) was found on the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Repository. The fact is the forensics of that rifle match the recovered projectile from the assassination. You can argue that someone else made the shot all you want, (I'll agree that some of Oswald's later behaviors don't make sense, but neither does shooting Kennedy) But all evidence points to one rifle, firing from the TSR Killed Kennedy.
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