Christmas Special Training

Discussion in 'Training' started by Scott 40s&w, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Scott 40s&w

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    For the month of December I am running a special for two classes. Defensive Shotgun on Jan 22nd & Think Move and Shoot on Jan 15th both classes for $250. Must be paid for buy Jan 1st and I can do a gift certificate if you want to give it as a gift. THese are both very informative and are packed full of good information and skill building drills. Most of the drills would not be allowed on an indoor range.
    We are using a wide open range with berms on 3 sides to allow for movement and multi directional shooting.
    More info on the website.
  2. Hock25

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    I'm signed up for the January 15th class, but can't do the other one for a work conflict. This is great training, in a more realistic 3D environment. The low-light training is very useful, and I didn't realize before the Think, Move, Shoot class last year that there was so much to consider with illumination. Scott is an effective and patient instructor, and I learned alot about my own limitations. Shooting on a sterile, indoor range with lighting and ventilation is nice practice. Being able to move and draw in this 3D environment, using various lighting techniques, conducting real-world drills is excellent training. Train like you fight, fight like you train--this Centerfire Training is just that opportunity. I also took Scott's Basic Carbine class earlier this year, and I highly recommend that one when it's again offered. I wish I could also attend the shotgun class.

  3. lostprofit

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    I wonder if I could talk my parents into that for my Birthday/Christmas present. :-k Probably not. I'll have to catch it the next time around.
  4. RepeatDefender

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    Awesome deal from a great instructor here, fellas! I wish like heck that my back was ok, because I'd love to take the shotgun class for the first time and the T/M/S class again.