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    A friend of mine in South-East Georgia has decided to sell this inexpensive pistol that he fired for the first time (after having bought it years ago and put it in storage without testing it). It's a 9mm Tokarev (Single-action military semi-auto, all blued steel, designed in the 1930s).
    It is not reliable right now. See my thread dated 4/13/06 on for details. Maybe it just needs breaking in? It's in like-new condition. Maybe it has an incorrect magazine, i.e. a military surplus 7.62 Tokarav mag instead of a commercial 9mm mag? Maybe it just needs some de-burring and polishing? He's not interested in a project gun. $120. Legally qualified buyers only with I.D., please, but it's a private sale from an individual, not a dealer. --gunsm0ker--
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    OOPS, I didn't realize that if I weren't logged-in as myself, I would be listed as a "guest" and unable to use my regular screen name.
    So here I am. It's me. Just e-mail me on the system if you're interested. I know that non-members who are not registered here cannot e-mail me, and I'm OKAY with that. I don't want my e-mail showing up for address-collecting bots to add to some SPAM list anyway.
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    This Tokarev 9mm has been sold. My friend sold it to some local guy who heard about it by word-of-mouth. It has been sold for at least a few weeks now. (And yes, my friend did disclose the gun's problems to the buyer beforehand).