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While progressives push for more government control over our Second Amendment rights, Chinese immigrants who were never able to own a gun in their homeland are rejoicing over this newfound freedom.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a gun shop in California’s City of Industry that has seen a surge of Chinese immigrant gun buyers. Gun Effects, a firearms store housed in a City of Industry strip mall that is also home to a boba tea spot, a massage parlor and a Taiwanese restaurant, is owned by a Chinese immigrant and has two Chinese-speaking employees.

Dennis Lin, the store’s owner, says that about a year ago, Chinese customers started flooding his business. Now, about two out of five customers are Chinese.

The trend represents a major shift for the Asian-Americans . . .

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If that keeps up the Democrats will close THAT immigration door right quick.
Demographically they mentioned in polls that Asians have voted democrat. I can see that shifting and self-defense rights can be a good reason for that. Many still recall who patriots from korea held off thugs with guns during the la riots.
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