Chilean President and First Lady

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by seereus, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. seereus

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    I know nothing of their politics, but hats off to them.

    They have been at the miner rescue site since early this morning welcoming each and every miner.

    I really don't think any US president would take that kind of time out of their schedule.
  2. kwikrnu

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    I've lived in Chile, my wife is Chilean. The people as a whole are much more patriotic. The government leans socialist.

  3. brianh

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    You are wrong. George W. Bush would have. He proved his character repeatedly by meeting, or offering to meet, with the family of every service member killed in the Persian Gulf region.

    If asked he would have appeared at the mine site to either rejoice in their rescue or grieve for their loss, and he would not have made a political event out of it like his predecessor or successor would have.

    I may not have agreed with a lot of G.W.'s policies, but there is no denying he possessed an outstanding character and unimpeachable integrity and sense of duty.

    Again, unlike his predecessor and successor...
  4. 1str8shot

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    x2! i caught a few minutes of it here and there all day. i was watching the live feed when they pulled the last miner out of the hole. the president spoke with him, wiped away the tears, then lead all of them in a song, the whole time wiping away tears and letting his emotions show.

    class act all the way. i hope obama was taking notes........