Chilean Mauser m1895

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    So I was at the range and gun store, picking up a carry piece and doing some test shooting. I decided to browse through the rifle section they have while I waited for the paper work to go through. Sitting on the rack where they keep their older long guns was a beautiful Chilean Mauser m1895. I didn’t have a bore light, so I couldn’t easily check the bore, but it looks to be in really excellent condition. The stock shows only a little wear and some minor dings, same for all the metal parts. Nothing about it has been sporterized. The asking price is $239 if I remember correctly. I’ve seen it sitting there for the last year, I guess it’s unloved.

    I know absolutely nothing about m1895 Chilean Mausers, except that with a little research, it appears that they shoot 7x57 for their ammo. Also it speaks to me, both because it is beautiful to behold, and because it is something unique. In my area, I have not seen Central or South American surplus bolties. Swiss, Russian, German, British, and American are a dime a dozen (well, maybe not a dime, but they are available by the dozens).

    Does anyone know anything about this kind of rifle? Are there any caveats that I should know about? Anything I should check for in particular? Is $239 a fair price? Too high? Too low?

    I’m completely clueless, but it’s beautiful so I like it. Still beauty can burn sometimes. That’s why I’m asking if anyone knows anything.
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    The results of the Spanish-American War were noticed around the world, thus orders soon poured in for Mauser rifles. Turkey purchased the Model 93, Brazil and Sweden the Model 94, and the similar Model 95 was sold to Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, China, Iran and the South African states of Transvaal and The Orange Free State (Boers). South African Mausers were highly effective against the British during the Second Boer War; these proved deadly at long ranges . . .

    Model 1893/1894/M1895/M1896. This was the first modern-style Mauser
    action. Used by Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, and several other
    countries. Double column magazine (5 rd.) that does not protrude. It has
    a full length extractor that is much larger than that of the M1891. (It is
    very similar to the Model1898 extractor).

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    If it's in good shape grab it. I have an 1891 Argentine (7.65mm Arg) , and love it. It fires great ,is very accurate, and always grabs attention on the range.
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    It's a Mauser,it's history,it's unloved. You have to buy it!! Take good care of it, shoot it ,love it and then one day when you are old and grey,give it to your oldest grand son. He will stand, proudly holding " Grand paw's old Mauser" Yes, thats the way I see it. Give that rifle a home :D