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Check this out! Very happy about this...

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I went down to my mom's in Buchanan this weekend. While down their, I took my Marlin .22 Magnum rifle and got the chance to see how well I still shoot.

The pictures below are of the results. There are 3 holes (1 at the top, 1 on the left side, and 1 on the bottom) which are nail holes... don't confuse them for misses. :lol:

The shooting was at 125-130 yards out, which I know isn't as far as some of you fellas shoot... but it made me happy. 3 shots at the 4 surrounding targets and 6 at the middle target. Each target is about the size of a half dollar:

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nice shooting, you really drove some nails on the lower right target.
yep, that one would go on my door, until I shot a better group. heck I still have my range data book from back in 2001 when I shot a pre-qual score of 62/65. very proud of that day, didn't drop anything until 500yrds, and they were just off the left shoulder.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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