Charter Lady revolver recall

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    Saw this notice of a recall at Academy Sports.
    Charter Arms "Pink Lady" and "Lavender Lady" revolvers sold from 2/2012 thru 7/2016 are under recall.

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  2. Fallschirmjäger

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    There may manufacturing defect that we cannot describe that might prove dangerous, so we at the store are recalling Charter Arms "Lady" revolvers; but only the ones sold through Academy stores.

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    When I was working in retail firearms sales I saw a few instances of Charter Arms revolvers that had cylinder timing issues that created a fairly dangerous condition. When fired the projectile not being perfectly lined up with the barrel would shave the outer edge of the barrel resulting in bits of copper and lead being ejected from front of the cylinder/rear of the barrel at high velocity. I saw a couple people with minor hand injuries because of that. Sometimes the cylinders would lock up after being fired once or twice. I would guess this recall is due to this sort of issue.
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    I was at a gun show once and about to purchase a Charter Arms .38 from an individual. Money was about to change hands when I asked to remove the zip tie and check the action. Seller's demeanor changed. The hammer didn't move the firing pin. Saved myself some trouble through close inspection. Now with this vague recall announcement, the two items taken together should prevent me from ever owning a Charter Arms product. Maybe I'm unfairly judging all Charters by some isolated occurrences, but why even take a chance?