Ch. 5 reporter calls SKS an "assault rifle."

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    As an SKS owner, I've had to deal with this idiocy for a long time.
    Stupidity SHOULD be painful. ... n_list.htm

    Assault rifle: Medium-length, medium-power cartridge, fully-automatic or select-fire firearms, magazine-fed, designed for infantry troops. In modern armies, these have largely supplanted the infantry rifle, as they provide nearly as good accuracy with far higher fire volume. In some cases, they mount, in addition, a grenade launcher under the barrel. Examples include the M-16, the Chinese or Russian Kalashnikov AK-47, and the Stoner weapons system. These, again, may not be owned by civilians without a Class Ill license. Some semi-automatic models of these rifles exist, and may legally be owned by civilians. The M-16 in the semi-auto version is marketed as the AR-15.

    And I sent Fox 5 a letter concerning this and correcting their faux pas while wondering, in writing, if it was a lack of knowledge or simply a political agenda on the reporter's part.
    However, I doubt they are smart enough to respond.