CCW in SC -- any possibility of getting GA CCW (hunting)

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    I have read that you must be a GA resident to get the CCW license. However, is there any loop hole that would allow me to obtain the CCW for GA?

    Next question...I have a lifetime GA hunt permit (primarily hunt GA), can I open carry during the season while hunting or is there some type of crazy law forbiding me from carrying in GA?

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    Georgia does not issue non-res. licenses so if you are a SC resident, and you aren't in the military, you can't get the GFL.

    BUT you can obtain a NH non-res. license through the mail that Georgia will accept. You fill out a form, and include a copy of your SC license. It costs about $20 and takes about a week. I have actually done this so I'm speaking from experience.

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    Generally open carry is illegal in Georgia without a license BUT you are correct that you may open carry while actually, legally, hunting or fishing, and only while hunting or fishing. :cry:
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    NH also gives you a half dozen or so others, most notably FL and PA.
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    There are several places that you may be able to hunt on but not carry.

    State Parks and Historic Areas
    Deer Hunting During Primative Weapons Season
    National Parks
    Army Corps of Engineers Land
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    There is no such "loophole" for GA residents unless they own land in SC.
    SC does not accept non-res. licenses and they do not accept the GFL.
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    Outstanding and thanks for link. Seems insane GA and SC can't figure out a way to agree with each others conceal carry regs.

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    FL offers a non-resident license too, I believe.
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    Don't GA and FL recognize each other's carry permits? :?:
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    Yes, they do. It costs a lot, takes more effort, and takes weeks/months to get.

    NH is a quick fix. For $20 and a week or two, he'll be set to carry in Georgia.
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    As a side note, Florida only recognizes resident licenses (so the NH non-res. license won't let you carry there as others have suggested according to
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    Look at this link. The first one shows how to apply for the different states non-res. licenses. Pennsylvania should be about as easy and as cheap as the NH license and it allows you to carry here too (yes, I'm talking from experience again :wink: ). ... ermits.pdf

    Also, check out You can play with it to see what non-res. license will actually be most beneficial to you.
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    In a nutshell FL only accepts their permit for non residents if your home state permit is not honored.

    So while a NH permit would be valid for you in GA it would not be valid in FL unless you live in NH.

    If you travel around the south east and live in SC you want to get a FL permit for the most coverage.