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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Adam5, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Adam5

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    I'm ready to move up from a department store belt to an actual gun belt. Alot of the ones I saw online were $80 and up. I can't spend that much at this time. Any suggestions for under $50 ? I'm looking for black leather 1 1/2" width. I don't mind ordering online, but would like to buy locally ( I try to local dealers). Here is a link to one I was looking at online I normally carry with a CompTac Shirt Tucker for IWB or a Ross Leather Paddle for OWB. Is a "gun belt" even worth the money?

    Thanks for the help and advice,

  2. foshizzle

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    I have heard a lot of good things about this guy.... not local, sorry.

    I've researched it myself, but I'm one of those cheapos who would rather spend 60 bucks a year buying 20$ belts over and over when I could buy one good 80$ belt and be done with it.

    I've never heard anyone say a gun belt WASN'T worth it... if that helps at all. Let me know what you end up getting... I'm getting tired of wearing mine out over and over. I know that when I get mine, they are nice and snug, but they wear out and stretch and get overall crumby. It sure would be nice to have a belt that would fit well at first and stay that way!

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    Great product. I'm wearing mine right now (though not my pistol...just got home from work). I like it so much, I'm going to order another in cordovan (first one is brown) soon primarily for work/dress wear. Pricey, but it's obviously a durable product.

    He promises a 3 week turnaround, but mine was a week and a half...pretty standard for him from what I've heard.
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    I'm in the cheapo crowd, too. Though either I don't carry enough (3 out of 7 days due to school this semester) or Target is making better $20 belts than anybody else is. :D
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    I'm doing ok with a Wal-Mart brand Black leather work belt, I don't think it's 1.5" but it's close. It's about 3 years old and I don't have any problems using it to carry a G21 OWB or an SP101 IWB.
  7. Wiley

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    Being a cheap sort myself, when I first started carrying I bought an 'Uncle Mike's'. That was 8-10 years ago and it's just about ready to be replaced.

    I've had good value for the money. A lot of gunshops carry 'Uncle Mike's' products.
  8. Adam5

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    Oh well, a better belt will have to wait a while.

    I bought a kit for my daughter's science fair project from Hobby Town USA. When I got it home I took the instruction manual out (it was between the sealed part and the box, I NEVER cut the plastic), and realized that it won't do what we needed, and what the manager said it would do. I tried to return it this evening, with reciept, and was told that they issue store credit only.

    So instead of having $50 to get a good carry belt, I have a $50 store credit at Hobby Town.

    HHmmmmm When I was a kid, I always wanted a radio control airplane....
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    Adam5, not to hijack this thread, but a store's generic return policy cannot apply to a situation where the goods purchased do not do what the store manager told you they would do. In the parlance of the Uniform Commercial Code, there is an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. For example, when you buy a fly swatter, there is an implied warranty from the store that the device can be used to swat flies. If it can't, the warranty has been breached, and you are entitled to "revoke acceptance" of the goods and get your money back. Unless the store made you aware that it was disclaiming the warranty at the time of purchase, their retun policy is good for lining bird cages.

    And, of course, I am not your lawyer, the foregoing is not legal advice, and you're on your own if you go back to the lion's den.
  10. Malum Prohibitum

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    The store must have reason to know of your purpose and make a recommendation based upon it, but it sounds like they did. In other words, it is a warranty (implied) that the product is fit not only for its intended use, but that it is fit for the use you communicated to the seller. Another element is that the buyer relied on the seller's judgment (and, of course, the seller must know the buyer is relying on his judgment).

    Like jrm, I am not your lawyer, the foregoing is not legal advice, and you're on your own if you go back to the lion's den. :D
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    I have two CCW belts, one from TheBeltMan and one from Wilderness Tactical. They are both top quality and I recommend them both highly.
  12. Rammstein

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    I have a large jar that I put all my loose change in. Normally, it will net me ~$60 after CoinStar takes their percentage. After my jar is full I plan to put that money towards a belt from TheBeltMan.

    In the interim I am using my old JROTC BDU belt. The thing is crappy, but more importantly it works.
  13. Adam5

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    MP, JRM

    I'm going to take my $50 store credit, and use it for my daughter's birthday. Either that or i'm goign to put i ttowards a radio controlled airplane. After either, you won't see me in that store again.


    I can't tap into the change jars. They are ear marked for a week in Mexico this summer.