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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by snwmnx, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. snwmnx

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    So I have been thinking for the past week or two about getting a concealed backup to carry and I have been contemplating my choices. I was hoping I could get some community thoughts on the S&W M&P 9 for this purpose.

    My local gun dealer has suggested the .380 for this purpose, which is a weapon I had not honestly considered...

    Suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. moga

    moga New Member

    M&Pc would be a viable choice. The service size M&P 9 is a little on the large size for a backup IMO. Wear it in a place that's easily accessible. That's my only advice.

    While I'd take a .380 pistol over a pointy stick or sharp words, there isn't a choice to make between the M&P9c and any 380 gun. Although I no longer own one, I'm a big fan of the compact M&P line. Great shooters and feel great in hand for me. I must also confess up front that I've no love for mouse guns/calibers. I think the gun shops are pushing the mouse guns because their perception is that people want something so small that it isn't a chore to carry and nothing more. They also tend to be inexpensive. Those are good attributes for a sales person that needs to push a product out the door. Perhaps not so good a criteria for selecting a defensive weapon IMO.

    I carry a G27 in a pocket holster as backup to what ever I'm carrying. Lately its 1911 + two spares on belt. I also on occasion carry a small frame 38.

  3. moga

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    Got to thinking: know what else would probably be worth a look if you have issues with the size/weight of M&P compact? The Ruger LC9. Very similar weight/configuration as typical 380 mousegun but with more firepower.
  4. ARMT Guy

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    Most of the time, I carry a Kahr P380 as a BUG, ( pocket carry on my support side. )

    I will carry a 9mm Walther PPS as a BUG during the winter/fall months.

    Since it's a back up to your primary carry gun, most will go with a smaller gun and carry it in another location on their person such as a pocket or ankle.
  5. Suprman

    Suprman New Member

    i carry a PM40 as my back up. it snappy, but groups well and i like it. look into a PM9 as that was what i was originally looking for and ended up with the 40 version, might still look into getting a PM9
  6. GAGunOwner

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    I roll with a government model 1911 as my primary and a NAA .22lr mini-revolver as my backup.
  7. dlapin4

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    Kahr PM9, not much larger than most 380s (actually it's probably smaller than some) but rated for +P 9mm.
  8. JeF4y

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    For me, an M&P9c (which I have), would be too big for me as a backup weapon. A single stack .380 is a great backup weapon. Again, it's a BACKUP piece. Your primary firearm is there to do it's job, and if for some reason it fails, etc, you have a second option.

    Carrying the M&P9c (which could fit the bill as a primary weapon) as a backup weapon would be to me, a lot like carrying a second of whatever you carry as primary.
  9. Suprman

    Suprman New Member


    I agree, my GF carries the M&P9c and at first i thought it would make a good pocket pistol. not so much.
  10. CountryGun

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    I'm both surprised and pleased by your choices. I carry a Colt Commander 1911 every day, but have been thinking about a .22 "stinger" for backup. In another thread, one I'm to tired to search for, the author of an article listed the .22 LR as the number one self defense round.

    Think about it. By the time you need a backup, you're likely in close combat, or physically fighting off an assailant. You're wrestlin' folks! You snatch a .22 from your ankle holster, and place it at the temple, on the sternum, or under the jaw of the perp. Pop!...he's every bit as incapacitated as as he would be with a 9mm.

    Call me morbid, but I've done my homework. I've kept a herd of as many as 200 goats on the farm. On occasion a goat needs to be "put down" (near death, horribly traumatized, unable to complete a delivery, etc.), and I've used different shot placements with a .22 to put the animal "out of their misery." Folks, it hasn't made a difference! Shot placement at the temple, back of the head, neck, or heart, all result in an animal (most weighing 150 to175 lbs, with some approaching 300 lbs........I've owned bucks at 425 pounds, on the scales) dropping immediately. I'm convinced that the .22 LR is a legitimate backup, and some would argue it's a decent primary. IDK, but I do like the thought of 230 grains going down range when I need it.
  11. Match10

    Match10 Active Member

    Every day in a pocket, somewhere upon my body...

    [​IMG] addition to others.
  12. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Why does it surprise you?

    And btw since this thread is about backup "weapons" in addition to the two guns I also carry a 5+ inch blade folding knife since the law changed.
  13. mountainpass

    mountainpass Under Scrutiny

    Here is review of the new top-break NAA 22 magnum.
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Really? More fire power? In regards to what?
  15. EJR914

    EJR914 Cheezburger Operator

    Sig P238, Ruger LCP, and there is that other little compact nasty 9mm 1911 that I can't remember the name of. It was really nice, too.
  16. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    I'd probably prefer a Kel-Tec .380 as a backup but I don't want to spend that kind of money right now, or for awhile, especially since I already have a backup that works.
  17. elandil

    elandil Redneck Engineer

    Lets first address the .22 issue. For A while, all I could afford to carry was a little .22 auto. I did trust my life to that gun. I also put at least 150 rounds a week thru it, practicing drawing, target acquisition, double taps, and occasionally even tried off-hand shooting. Everyone I mentioned it to told me that I was crazy, because they were not accurate enough unless you held it againist the person.

    Then I showed them this pic....
    10 rounds at 5 yards. Tape piece is approx. 2" tall.

    Practice makes a huge difference...

    I recently acquired a Makarov in .380 and took it to the range today to put it thru it's paces at 10 yards..
    32 rounds divided into 4 magazines. Started slow, by the fourth magazine was firing rapidly. 4 unaccounted for. Considering this is only the second time it's been to the range with me, I'd say decent.

    it's light enough that I can keep it in my pocket as a BUG, but heavy duty enough to also function as an EDC. Just depends on my mood. Only downside is that ammo costs more than the 9mm.
  18. moga

    moga New Member

    I think the answer is pretty obvious.
  19. Quest50

    Quest50 Active Member

    I carry a full size 1911 as my EDC, and a Ruger LCP as my BUG or deep concealment weapon. I would trust my life to a Ruger LCP, but I would prefer not to.... hence why it's a back up gun. The entire point is that it's better than a stick in case your secondary fails you and you need a back up to get you to your primary. (In my opinion, a pistol is always a secondary weapon, which is why I usually have at least a 12 gauge in my trunk). In any case, a .380 is more than enough for a back up gun, considering that it's for a worst case scenario that likely will not occur if your EDC weapon is of good quality.

    That said, I would prefer something in 9mm over .380. Ammo is much cheaper and more plentiful, so you would be able to practice with it more. The extra velocity and bullet weight is always nice.

    Oh, and if you can afford it, try looking into a Kahr. They're wonderful weapons and are much more accurate and comfortable than an LCP, but usually slightly larger. If i could afford one, I'd trust a Kahr chambered in 9mm as my EDC.

    Best of luck!
  20. atlsrt44

    atlsrt44 Well-Known Member

    I still prefer my .357 magnum for a bug. Fits in a front pocket and no question of stopping power. Just wont be able to hear for a couple hours after if I ever have to use it.