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Bulldawg182 said:
I know the fallout here will be unbearable for some, but I can take it.

I have a major problem voting "Yes" on this poll and won't do so. I believe there are people who shouldn't be carrying weapons and this poll doesn't qualify them. I also believe the permit and background check system not only helps to exclude these people, it also helps to raise those who have a permit to a higher level and is a primary reason for the gains in Georgia gun laws through the efforts of GCO and others. I'm not going to vote to make the permit obsolete and meaningless.

I think any attempt to make it legal for any citizen to carry a gun openly or concealed without a background check or permit is doomed to fail and will only serve to damage the overall effort to gain more ground for permit holders.

Ok, fire away if you will......but it won't change my opinion. You're entitled to yours and I'm entitled to mine.
Not to beat up on you Bulldawg but...
As I see it (and I know I am repeating what others have said so consider this a post count increase :lol: ) the
permit system is a great thing... for those that are law-abiding citizen... we will jump on the wagon and PAY to get a permit to do exactly what a criminal will do for free. This "higher level" of which you speak... it's a myth. As we have seen from multiple encounters with LEO's, even with a permit, you are likely to be stopped and questioned on your right and reason for carrying.. often disarmed for no specific reason and subject to repeated interviews because you don't wear this "higher level" on your forehead. A criminal, who wishes the element of surprise (what we law-abiding citizens refer to as a tactical advantage) isn't likely to open carry and lack of a permit doesn't stop them from CC as it is.
And... while I as a law-abiding citizen might consider allowing a "pre-background check" and issue of a card that shows I have passed thru the gauntlet to make it easier for me to PURCHASE... I don't see why I should bear the burden of a licensing process and fees to carry, a right guaranteed to me by the constitution of the United States.
As to people that you or I might feel SHOULDN'T carry... unless it is for criminal reasons, the permit system will not stop most of them... so.. still no value added.
Those who are willing to obey the law will do so with or without a licensing system, those that already don't obey the law, won't change their actions because we add more laws.
My 2 cents... another $1.48 and you can even get a cup of cheap coffee... speaking of which....
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