Cat Burglar Hits DeKalb Homes

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    You would think sooner or later him, her, they, hits the wrong house! You would also think people woulkd have a bit more common sense, but then again it is the general public!

    Cat Burglar Hits DeKalb Homes

    POSTED: 6:16 am EDT August 2, 2006
    UPDATED: 6:55 am EDT August 2, 2006

    TUCKER -- A cat burglar is keeping some DeKalb County homeowners awake at night.

    Police say the same prowler has broken into six homes in the Smoke Rise subdivision in Tucker over the last few weeks.

    The suspect always sneaks in through doors or windows in the middle of the night, stealing random things, then slips back out.

    Nicole Williams says the cat burglar entered her family’s home through an unlocked door to their screened in porch.

    “They went into our kitchen and took cash out of our wallets,†says Williams.

    She says the prowler was so brazen he slipped into her mother-in-law's bedroom and took a digital camera from the purse right next to her bed.

    "They do have some nerve, to know that we were home and come right into our bedrooms," says Williams.

    So far all the victims have slept through the burglaries, discovering they were victims only when they woke up the next day.

    Residents of the subdivision met with police Tuesday night to get tips on making their homes more secure.
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    "Residents of the subdivision met with police Tuesday night to get tips on making their homes more secure."

    The police said, "Duh, lock your door."

    Once we had a serial rapist on the loose. He only entered unlocked homes to commit his crimes. We held neighborhood meetings, "Lock your doors and windows," and females who attended the meeting were later raped after neglecting to lock their doors or even leaving their windows in their ground floor bedrooms wide open at night.

    We never caught that guy - we just quit getting the rapes with the same MO - he may still be out there somewhere.

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    Somiebody probably did. I am sure he didn't just stop on his own. :shoot:
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    We have a peeping tom that has been visiting us all summer and has so for about seven years. He likes the ladies.
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    And they each get one vote, just like the rest of us.

    Our friends Randal Mangham and Stephanie Stuckey Benfield are from somewhere in DeKalb I believe.