Carrying In Presence of Convicted Felon

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    Been a while since I've been on here, but I have a question that I know people on here can help me with. I will be traveling out of town this weekend with a friend of mine. We will still be in the state of Georgia so there are no other state laws that come in to play. My fiend is a convicted felon. It was white collar felony, but I don't think that really matters. We will be staying in the same motel room together for a couple of days. I have a GWCL and plan to carry as I always do. Is it legal for me to be with him over night in a motel room? Is it legal for him to be with me while I'm in possession of a firearm? He will not be in possession of any firearm nor even touch one. I don't want to set either of us for failure, but I can't find anything in any of the O.C.G.A.s which addresses something like this. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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    I see no issue. Keep it close to your hand and you should be good.


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    Just don't either of you do anything stupid to draw unwanted attention.
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    It's legal for you to have sole possession of the firearm around him and in his presence. But it is illegal for him to be in constructive possession of it.

    So how close can he be to it? Well, it all depends on the circumstances. Would there be any evidence that he knows about the gun's location and considers it useful to be able to lay his hands on it in case of an emergency?

    If there is no evidence that he intends to have the gun available for his future use, then proximity doesn't matter -- as long as he doesn't touch it wear it, or carry it in any package or backpack that he might carry (even for a minute just helping you pack the car for example).
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    Thanks! This is pretty much what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. I knew there were folks on here that could shed some light on this. If I remember right, you can't keep a firearm in a home where a felon resides, i.e., a wife couldn't keep a firearm in the home if her husband was a felon. I wasn't sure if this situation may get into that area and it seemed like a gray area to me. Thanks again!
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    This typo made me LOL. Freudian slip maybe?