Carry Into Wal-Mart Before IDPA

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  1. As some of you already know (because i was ranting about it at the IDPA match) YuN and I were kicked out walmart, so we couldn't compete in IDPA.

    We live about 1 1/2 hours away from the match, so we set out at around 7:30, but needing some ammo (only had 100) and some hearing and eye protection (we always rent when at the range) we decide to stop by walmart and grab some real quick.

    We park on the side and go in the service station entrance, since it is right next to sporting. YuN is open carry, i'm concealed(jacket). Now note we have carried in this store open and concealed for over a year, never a problem.

    We enter, approach the sporting section and ask the closest person for help, 10 minutes later an extremely lazy eyed person goes around the counter, asks what we need, I lay down the eye protection, hearing protection and ask for 2 boxes of 9mm. He then says he needs to go get a key...upon returning he is with the AST. Manager Ronald and 2 other males.

    The manager then asks, do you have a firearm on you? I reply, "yes", he then says "THATS ILLEGAL!", i calmy explain that it is not illegal and that i have carried here for years and that at most he can just ask me to leave. He then demanded that I leave. I asked if i could just return my gun to the car and come back because we are going to a competition. He agrees, we head back to the car, put our guns away and come back. As we are nearing the sporting section again he cuts us off and says "I dont feel safe selling you ammo" (!!!!!!?!!!???!)"Ok then i would like to complain about you" "well ok then just get your ammo and go"

    Now here is where I made my mistake

    As I approach the counter i turn to Matt (the 3rd guy with us) and say "F##king Retard", I admit this wasn't the best course of action, but i'm not a morning person and we were going to be late.

    He then refuses to sell us ammo yet again, I demand to talk to a supervisor or some one else, he has me follow him to customer service, with the 2 guys (guards?) watching us. He makes a couple of calls, doesn't really do anything. I try to explain its walmart policy to allow carry of firearms so long as it doesn't bother customers. He explains that NO customer is to handle a firearm in their store. And looks at me like i'm stupid and asks "you are buying ammo and you have a gun on you, do you not see anything wrong with that?" (This is where i was going to say that my gun is already loaded and i have a spare mag on me counting up to 31 rounds plus YuN's 18. But the retard comment already got me in trouble) So YuN decides its not worth the effort and we start to leave. He then DEMANDS we exit the front of the store. (I'm assuming because they have cameras there) so we do, walk all the way around and enter my car.

    We look and notice an employee only fire exit door cracked open with the ast manager watching us. This was to funny. As we drive around the side toward the exit, there was the customer service girl, on the phone with 911 getting my tag number, i stop and tell her its not illegal, YuN then reminds that we really dont have time for this. So we leave.

    We end up at the IDPA match 20 minutes late, with no protection at all. Wiley loaned me some hearing protection and one of the shooters loaned me some eye so i could shoot at least one CoF. Great fun.

    Funny note, the AST. Manager asked ME if i had a firearm and not YuN who was open carry. Just thought it was funny. Also i'm curious what the other two males(guards?) were thinking in their head, we could have taken them without firearms let alone with. I guess the ast manager was really that scared.

    It was the walmart in woodstock, Highway 92 and Trickum. Ast. Manager Ronald. I filed a complaint on their website but i dont think it did any good.
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    Home Depot and Walmart policies are available on this site.

    I am not aware of any policy in Walmart allowing open carry. In fact, it appears that they permit concelaed carry only. Home Depot appears to allow either.

    Refrain from profanity and rude behavior. Be polite.

    Leave immediately when asked (it is private property) and complain up the chain later. Do not turn around or stop to argue.

    Always remember your goals in making the compaint when you do so later. Do it with a cool head.

  3. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    Malum is correct. Walmarts cooporate policy states that it will allow carry into there stores but it must be conceal carry only. I saw a copy of this policy some time ago on Glock Talk.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    WalMart Policy

    We still do not have a .pdf that can be printed out, but the policy is here (toward the end, not the beginning).
  5. USMC - Retired

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    Evidently our local Wally-world has not got the word on open carry. I open carry there all the time and have bought ammo while doing so. The cleck even asked what I was packing and commented that he needed to get a carry permit with all the crime in the area lately. The only negative feedback I ever got at Wally-world was a supervisor type asking me if I was afraid someone would come up behind me and take my gun. She shut up real quick when the older black cashier laughed and said, "Lookit him! Aint nobody gonna mess with that boy!" :lol: I still get a kick outta that one.
  6. I have open carried there plenty of times, at least twice a week, this is the only time i have ever had problems. I really hope walmart gets back to me on this issue, i dont know who to complain to though.

    Note, i went back later that day and bought what i needed.
  7. Malum Prohibitum

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  8. Thats how i left feedback, i'll call the number later today and find out the status. Thanks.
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    I carry open every where I go, I have never had any problem at our local walmart, ever. Recently I bought 250 rounds from them for a shoot that my wife and myself have planned, no one even batted an eye.
    If you don't know, USMC-Ret. and myself live in the same area.
  10. pro2am

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    Apparently not in a "you have a gun so therefore you're breaking the law" area.

    I don't have an OWB holster so I haven't tried it, but I think that my local Wal-Mart *might* be okay with it, at least in the sporting goods section. If anyone wants to try it's the one on Bells Ferry at Eagle drive, in Woodstock.
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    Write a real paper letter. It shows time and effort above an email.

    I've open carried while buying a bunch of ammo in the Statesboro walmart and the Duluth walmart. No one cares.

    Bottom line is you need to take this up the CoC and have their managers beat the policy into their heads.

    I do have to chastise you for the "f-ing retard" comment. When we open carry we must conduct ourselves like adults. I'm always really nice when I am open carrying because I find that it is disarming. It is kinda hard to be mad at the guy that is really nice to you even if he does have a Glock on his hip.
  12. pro2am i have open carried once before in that walmart with no issues. But then again i carried dozens of times in this one and look what happened.
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    I've never been to that Walmart. Usually go to the one off of Barret Pwky and occasioanlly to the one on Cobb Pwky. I have never open carried in in Wally World. No one's ever said anything about me buying buying hundreds of rounds at a time. I would send a letter to the corporate office and CC the store manager. If you shop there often and want to continue to do so, I would try to schedule a meeting with the store manager as well; I'd bring some documentation with me (i.e. the firearms statutes, State vs. Burns, AG opinions on shopping malls and public gathering) just in case.

    So they said nothing at all to YuN?!? Was he trying to buy ammo too?
  14. Nope, he was just going to buy eyes and ears. We had a 3rd with us that was unarmed. I should have just had him buy the ammo, but i think they would have been even more mad.
  15. glockgirl

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    we bought a cheap .22 rifle from them and they had a fit when we tried to buy ammo at the same time. of course we were buying ammo for a .45 so they couldn't be used together but they didn't understand.....
  16. ptsmith24

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    I've worked at Walmart before... I know the kinda employees that work there. They aren't all that bad, but there are those few that you can't quite stand. I guess that's the case anywhere, though.
  17. qre2457

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    I used to work there many moons ago. It was the department policy that you could not purchase a firearm and ammunition in the same purchase. You were informed you would be terminated immediately if you did so.

    We were also required to walk the gun to the door and inform them that they could not bring it back into the store. They had to call and have us meet them at the door. Sounds cold, but it was a good idea. Too many times, someone brought a loaded unboxed weapon back in stating it was not loaded as they handed it to someone in the return area who had never even touched a gun before.

    There was a rumor that in one store someone had bought ammo and a gun and was loading it as they walked out through the store. No clue if that was true, but I did personally witness a man trying to load a shotgun I was showing him with a shell he had brought from home. He wanted to see if it fit.

    Walmart-type stores are in a unique position. They are not "gun stores." While your sporting goods people may be absolutely fine with things, that blinking person was most likely someone from another department covering for them or they had a policy set up by their department manager that they were not able to bypass. This is not always a bad thing. It only takes you looking up once to see a guy drawing a bow with an arrow in it to "see how he likes it." More than once we had to re-secure the bows with the lock ties to keep people from doing this.

    These "rules" are made for the stupid who will likely endanger others or have already done so in the past, not the knowledgeable sportsman. I never go to Walmart when I wanted to be treated like a sportsman. I go to a sporting goods or firearms store for that kind of respect.

    I agree with the suggestions to immediately exit and leave the store and discuss it with the actual store manager. You may find that there was a past experience that caused this reaction you received or maybe the employees were jerks.
  18. jbbryant

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    here in Calhoun wal-mart want say a thing but if the law see it the will run you out we have tryed & tryed to fight this but no luck the store say ok the police say no. whats a body to do
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    This would have never happened if the guy with you wouldn't have been open carrying.
  20. geaux_tigers

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    What to do?

    Step 1: Become a member of GCO works to remove restrictions placed on law abiding citizens of Georgia and ensure that govenment agencies abide by the law.
    Step 2: Start a thread (Places Off-Limts sounds like the right section to me) where you describe the situation in more detail. I'm sure that there are other members of GPDO and GCO that read your post and are curious about this encounter you mentioned.
    Step 3: Contact the office of the head of whatever law enforment agency was involved in the incident as well as the appropriate law maker (i.e. city councilman, county commission member) explaining the situation and asking them to take action. I think following Step 2, though, may give you some even better ideas.