Carry in National Forests

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    For some reason I thought that GA's WMAs (which are off limits to carry) were seperate from National Forests (not off limits to carry), well they are not.

    It turns out that a WMA can exist inside the NF.
    Buried deep within the NF's Ga website is this:
    So if you take the NF map
    and put on top if it a map of WMA's
    there might a little bit of NF that a WMA does not cover

    I recommend contacting the DNR to make sure where you are going in the NF is not a WMA.
  2. Gunstar1

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    Watch where you hike, if you cross from NF only land where you can open or conceal carry to NF/WMA land where you must keep your gun unloaded and stored in your car or it is unlawful. :x

    That is assuming that Ga's WMAs do not cover 100% of NF land in Ga.

  3. ber950

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    Also watch out for National Recreation Areas in the National Forests.

    That is why I carry concealed even in the woods. The boundries can be very poorly marked.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    They do not. The DNR leases land inside National Forest. Good luck knowing which one you are on, though.