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    There was a thread [WCLs not allowed to carry in DNR ranges , dated 03-24-2015] that addressed carry at the WMA ranges. I went to the Ocmulgee WMA range yesterday and was informed by the RSO that ALL weapons had to be cleared and grounded when the range was "cold". I told him that I thought that all of this was settled last year. He told me that it was, but that there had been an "incident", and that DNR had changed the rules. I didn't have to get into an argument, so I secured my weapon, sighted in my rifle, and left. It must be nice to be able to re-write the law because of an "incident". Anyway, I won't be going back.
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    Oh, that's a tough one.
    Is there an implied exception to preemption for a government-owned (and run) shooting range that wants to control how guns are carried for safety reasons having to do with accidental or negligent discharges?

    Certainly they can't engage in any form of gun control for a crime suppression reason or general safety concerns. The public policy of the State is clear on that, and the DNR has no say and no power other than to obey state law as found in O.C.G.A.

    But what about the "discharge of firearms" issue? Local governments (cities and counties) have the power to regulate THAT. There's a specific exception to the preemption doctrine of 16-11-173 that lets them ban shooting, or restrict target shooting, as long as it's reasonable.

    Interestingly, State entities are NOT given this power. Cities and counties are allowed to regulate shooting guns.

    So I would think that a State agency, other than the General Assembly itself, cannot engage in any gun control, even safety-related, even as to regulating shooting ranges that are compliant with the State laws on shooting ranges found at O.C.G.A. 16-11-113 and 41-1-9.

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    I imagine if you carry a holstered, loaded gun at a DNR range merely for the purpose of self-defense and do not intend to target shoot and will not be removing it from its holster, they cannot say "boo" to you. If they do, tell them to go pound sand.

    I usually don't go to DNR ranges, so for those that do go, please carry a self-defense pistol with no intention to target shoot, tell them to pound sand, and let us know what they said.
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    I carried at Charlie Elliot about two weeks ago. with no issue.
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    As did I at Richmond Hill about 2 weeks ago. I was concealed, but did pull it out while range was hot and put a few downrange after firing the Rifles all morning.