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We are seeing more and more violations of the right to keep and bear arms in western Virginia.

Unbelievably, Carroll County is looking at doing an end run on the General Assembly and Virginia's preemption laws by having a judge declare the entire Carroll County government complex a courthouse!!!

Why would they do such a thing? **To ban guns.**

Ironically, the County wants to ban guns for fear that the government facility could come under attack. THAT'S EXACTLY WHY VCDL WANTS LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS TO BE ABLE TO CARRY AT THAT FACILITY!!

In the end there's one major obstacle to this scheme - VCDL. We will NOT let such an action stand unchallenged.

It is NOT the role of our government to find ways to strip us of our rights! Government is to serve the People and to PROTECT and HONOR our rights.

Pending completion of VCDL's legal review, it appears plain that no judge can issue an imperial decree to take over government complexes housing elements of the legislative and executive branches. That would be a major violation of the separation of powers in the Constitution!

Heck, if that were legal, then why couldn't the Court just declare the whole county as part of the courthouse, including roads and parking lots and ban guns completely?

For a building or a part of a building to be considered a courthouse, the area in question must be a bona fide part of the judicial system.
If a courthouse is housed in a city hall, for example, only the parts of that building that are actually part of the court system are considered to be the courthouse proper. A gun ban would NOT apply to the parts of that building or complex that are not part of the courthouse proper.

VCDL is going to be contacting the County to advise against implementing this underhanded scheme. We will also be talking to members of the General Assembly about this.

I will keep you posted as this issue evolves.

Here is an article on the Carroll County Judicial Gun-Control Take-Over Scheme (DUCT TAPING YOUR HEAD RECOMMENDED):

Leave your weapons at home
Galax Gazette

HILLSVILLE - At a time when shooting rampages seem to occur on a regular basis, would the Carroll County Governmental Center be more secure with a weapons ban?

Supervisor Bob Martin believes that the county should take precautions to avoid an incident at the complex in Hillsville.

Parts of the building have a weapons ban in place now, he noted in bringing up the issue at a county board meeting Sept. 11.

Citizens can't have weapons on their person when they go to court or state agency offices. [THAT IS NOT TRUE! State agency offices cannot ban guns. - PVC]

But there's no law when it comes to other county offices or the school board office, Martin said. [Yes - preemption is a beautiful thing! - PVC]

County Attorney Brad Dalton advised the supervisors that the most likely way a weapons ban could happen would involve the circuit court judge declaring the entire governmental center under his jurisdiction. [The County Attorney should resign for incompetency for even suggesting such a clear violation of the Constitution. - PVC]

If that became the case, a judge could extend the ban that's already in place in the courtroom to apply to the entire building.

Martin moved to ask the county attorney to discuss with the judge the matter of banning weapons from the entire governmental center.
Supervisor Glenna Myers seconded and the five supervisors present voted for the motion. Supervisor Jeff Evans was absent. [This is disgusting. More local level tyrants trying to get around the law.
Hopefully the judge will tell them all to take a hike. - PVC]

Martin brought up the topic before, but after the shooting spree at Virginia Tech in April, he said after a meeting that it was time to be proactive about safety and security. [If that is the case, why is he suggesting something that would endanger law-abiding citizens visiting the complex? - PVC]

Designating the governmental center as weapons-free wouldn't result in a guarantee against violence, Martin acknowledged. Other county buildings, particularly schools, already ban weapons.

Police would respond to a school within minutes if someone showed up there with a gun, he noted. But it seemed strange to Martin that there's no ban on guns at the school board office and other parts of the county complex. [Freedom is a tough concept for some, Mr.
Martin. - PVC]

Governmental centers in larger cities have already tightened security since events of Sept. 11, 2001, and Martin thinks Carroll should too.
[They can tighten security without disarming citizens. Go ahead and install metal detectors if you want to, and we'll BEEP through them like we do now at the General Assembly - PVC]

"I'd rather have something in place than be meeting in a month with all the governor's task force, because somebody came into the complex and killed four or five people," Martin said. [I'd rather be alive, having killed that criminal, than dead along with four or five other people thanks to Mr. Martin and his illegal victim disarmament schemes. - PVC]

He hopes that having a weapons ban in place would protect county employees. [Yeah, just like it protected the employees of Virginia Tech back in April. - PVC]

"I think it's the right first step," Martin said. "I'd rather be proactive than reactive."

Sheriff Warren Manning said that a governmental center-wide weapons ban would probably be a good thing. [Time for a new Sheriff, too. - PVC]

It should be obvious to people that they are not supposed to bring weapons in, he said.

"I would take it that most people know you don't bring a gun to court or the complex, either one," the sheriff said. [It would be great if the Sheriff actually knew the law, wouldn't it? - PVC]

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
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