Carried @ Courthouse :)

Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by hma153, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Douglas County held a festival on the 18th and 25th. My DW had us out running errands today, and decided we should take mini-me to see the sights. Well, of course I hadn't planned on going to the county courthouse today, but had thrown on a cover shirt appease her (usually OC). We parked down in the Xpress lot, and rode a shuttle up to the courthouse. Once in the van, my DW asks if I had left my "things" in the truck, and I replied "No, why?". She said something about "public gatherings" or some such nonsense, and I just said "There's no such thing.... anymore" and tried not to look directly into the glare I was gettin'.

    When we got up the hill and got out, I walked right up to the Deputy playing crossing guard and asked: "Hey, would it be alright if I CC here today since there's no more PG Law?" (All the while, holding my 2.75 year old on my "other" hip, and wife in tow). He spun around kinda quick :shock: and gave me a good lookin' over, and the rest of the conversation went something like this:

    Him: You realize this is the Courthouse? :sly:
    Me: Yeah, but we're gonna be in the parking lot. :mrgreen:
    Him: (I could almost literally see the cogs turning in his head, but rather quickly he responded) Well, if you have a permit and you keep it concealed, I guess it'd be alright since you came and told me about it. You do have a permit don't you? (while looking me over again to make sure he couldn't see anything)
    Me: Yes sir, I am licensed.
    Him: Then you should be good to go; but don't use it unless you have to.
    Me: That wont be a problem, sir.
    Him: Then y'all have a good time.
    Me: Thanks! (walking off)
    Him, hollering after us: Hey! If you do have to use it, do it right! (laughing) :lol:
    Me: You bet! :righton:

    My wife then scootched in real close as we walked and told me "Thank you for checking"...

    And we had an enjoyable day. :D
  2. dunkel

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    Why would he tell you to keep it concealed? And why was it only ok since you came and told him about it?

    Did I miss something on first read through?

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    The only thing I missed is anything resembling "win." Sorry man, but the whole post/encounter/LEO response has left me :screwy:
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    It could have always gone worse... :dtmb: :handcuffs: :jail: All in all not a bad encounter.

    As mentioned above, why did you have to keep it concealed, and why was it ok since you told him about it?

    We do not live our lives and assert our freedoms on his leave!
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    He did as the security said so, he secured it on his person in accordance with the deputies direction.

    Also, it doesn't say anything about the parking lot of a courthouse...just says a courthouse is off limits......if I'm reading that right.
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    That's where I'm confused...he was not in the building, so as far as I can tell, he had no duty to approach security to begin with.
  7. Malum Prohibitum

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    :lol: Yeah, ok . . . cause if you had not said that . . .
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    Good to see a neighbor out and about carrying. Also glad to see local SO was not resistive. (was the office SO or PD?)

    I never go to the September Sat. showings at the courthouse but have heard they attract quite a crowd.

    Greetings from a fellow Douglas County resident.