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    I have searched around the forum for a while for an answer to this question, and although there are many posts that elude to it, I want to make sure I have this correct:

    I recently purchased a handgun. I do not have my CCW license (yet). If i am transporting my firearm in my car, unloaded and the gun has a lock on it, I am allowed to carry it in a box in the trunk, right? Also, where can I keep my ammo? Can I carry my ammo in the trunk also? Furthermore, is it within the law to carry both my ammunition and my (unloaded locked) weapon together in my range bag?

    I know these probably sound like pretty basic questions, but the more posts I read the more I want to make sure that I have my particular situation handled. Thanks!!
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    :ianal: but my view is that your scenario would be okay.

    However, you could also keep your gun loaded with one in the pipe if you wanted to as long as it were in the glove box, center console, similar compartment or in open view as provided in subsection D of GA Code 16-11-126 which states the following...

    here's the link to read it for yourself. ... =16-11-126

    Once you get your GFL, you can carry wherever you want in the car.

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    in georgia, you can carry the gun loaded with one in the pipe in plain sight in your car or inside any compartment,or any console in your vehicle..... i had one LEO tell me when i asked him about it... he said "hell... you can have a loaded gun on your dashboard in georgia".. . i thought that was odd...but it made the point.
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    I carried in my glovebox while I waited for my GFL. It sucks to have to leave it there, but at least you have it if you're driving in a crappy part of town.
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    Interstate Transport

    As far as I know, the only time a Georgia resident without a GFL (carry permit) needs to unload and lock up the gun, separate from the ammunition, or something like that, is when you are transporting it:

    1-- outside of your home or vehicle, on foot, when your gun is in your "range bag" with your targets and ear muffs and other shooting accessories, and you are walking across the parking lot about to enter the shooting range for some plinking.

    2-- if you go to some other state outside of Georgia where a permit is required, and you don't have such a permit, and therefore your possession of the gun would be illegal under that State's law or some City or County ordianance, but you are following the interstate transportation rules as provided in the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, an Act passed by Congress that in some situations supercedes local gun laws.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not your attorney, you're not my client, and I did not do any legal research for this post. It's just my layperson's opinon of the top of my head.