Canadian Road Rage video

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Molon Labe, Aug 27, 2006.

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    There was a link to this video on another gun blog. I think it was Xavier's Thoughts:

    There was a big discussion over its authenticity and I have to agree with the majority: staged.

  2. Molon Labe

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    why do you think it is staged?
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    MP, here's a plot synopsis:

    Two guys in pickup are videotaping their country drive (odd, isn't it?). They are making snide remarks about a BMW convertible in front of them. The car and truck are next to each other at an intersection, and words are exchanged. At one point the BMW makes a sudden turn. It's a little hard to tell, but the maneuver may have caused the truck to have to brake suddenly to avoid rear-ending the BMW. Truck continues following BMW down country roads, with much horn honking and finger saluting going on. BMW drives down dead-end road. When the end is reached, truck driver gets baseball bat out of bed and is ready to "rumble." BMW driver produces handgun, mocks the macho play of the truck occupants, and female passenger of BMW "confiscates" video camera. BMW driver takes truck keys and says they will be available at the end of the road, but text at end of video says keys were put in sewer at end of road. Text thanks truck occupants for present (the video camera).
  5. Molon Labe

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    I read through those posts and some people think it is and some not. I can't point to anything definative that says it is or it isn't. Either way I think it points out a lot of things both parties did wrong.
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    I think it was fake for a few reasons.

    1. The camera man (passanger of the vehicle doing the harrasing) zooms in on the gun. Personally, that is the last thing I would think of when a gun is pointed at me. To me that shows the man behind the camera was NOT scared for his life. He was more thinking of getting a close up of the gun.

    2. The bad acting those guys didn't act as if anyone would have with a gun to there face. They really didn't act scared. If I had a gun to my face from someone I didn't know I wouldn't act the way they did. I seriously have a problem with the way they were acting once confonted with the gun.

    3. The gun that the BMW guy had was a revolver. If you drive a BMW why would you have a old school revolver that looked like police issue back in the 70's?

    4. If I am getting harrased by some guys and I had a Girlfriend or not in my car the last thing I would do is want to confront these guys, gun on me or no gun. Who knows if they have guns? Then you got a gun fight for what??? because these guys were immature and were messing with you? No, the first thing any reasonable person would do is call the cops. Give a discription of whats going on and where you are to the cops. Or crap drive to the nearest police station if you know where one is. If not drive to a gas station some where that you have eye witnesses.

    In Conclusion... I think this looks like a college project done by college kids. Or something similar.