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    I am not much of a shotgun person, having had a few different shotguns that I purchaed and acquired in trades: Remington 870 Wingmaster and Express, and Mossberg 500's with a whole bunch of tactical stuff. My last Mossberg has been traded, so I am in need of another. I will keep it mostly for home-defense and would hope to use it for hunting one day, if I can find time between bike, GOLF, etc. etc.

    Based upon what I read, the major difference between 500 and 88 is

    1. materials that some parts are made of: steel vs. aluminum. not quite sure if aluminum is necessarily bad.
    2. some parts are made in Mexico even though both are assembled in the US

    Having said that, if I were to purchase a brand-new one online, what would be the best choice and how much should I spend so I won't feel like I over-paid? I don't plan on bubba'ing this one, maybe purchase another barrel and have 28" and 20"/18.5".

    Your input is appreciated. However, please keep your answer between 500 and 88. I know how it can get off track easily.
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    Re: Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88 ???

    the 500 is 207$ at walmart and its made in america iirc the 88 is assembled in mexico

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    Re: Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88 ???

    I've owned both. The Maverick definitely "felt" cheaper and the finish was more deep purple than black, but it functioned just fine.
    The biggest differences I noticed it the location of the safety (Mossberg's is more on the top/back of the reciever, and the Maverick is on the trigger guard) and the fact that the Maverick had no swivels for a sling. I personally keep all my shotguns with the safety off and the hammer down on an empty chamber and rarely use a sling, so neither of these were 'issues' to me. YMMV
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    Re: Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88 ???

    I've handled both. I think they'll both work.
    But unless the price difference is huge, I'd go with the Mossberg 500. It's famous.
    And it's not expensive. I got a brand-new one from Walmart a few years ago for $199, and it came with the long vent-ribbed sporting barrel that uses screw-in choke tubes (a set of 3 came with the gun).
    All I had to do was find a short 18.5" slug barrel (for home defense) and I was all set. Total investment under $300.
    I've probably already shot $500 worth of ammo through it, and it's 99.5% reliable.
    I used it to bust clays at the range. I can hunt deer with it. I've hunted quail and rabbits and armadillos, too.
    The best "one gun does it all" deal, in my opinion.
    One day I'll weld / solder / epoxy a short section of Pickatinny or Weaver rail on the bottom side of the 18.5" slug barrel, just under the muzzle, and then when the gun is in "home defense mode" it will have a LIGHT and /or LASER on it.
    That would be perfect.