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Can I pack CC while driving, or can only my car?

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I've read other gun boards about Ohio, etc, which have strange cc laws which change when one enters his vehicle. I've read the GA laws a dozen times just to be safe, but with such emphasis on "the glove box or console" in several posts, and that one poor fella who got stopped at a roadblock, I just want to make sure.

I carry concealed in a bellyband and don't bother to place gun on seat or in console or in glovebox when I enter my vehicle and begin driving. Am I allowed to keep the iron where it is while driving?

I just started packing recently, so I'm new to the game and still learning the ropes....

By the way, I'm new here--glad to meet ya.
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MP- The need to not show reg and ins anymore, is it tied somehow to the DL? I remember in Cobb county around 2000 I was pulled over, given a warning, and he asked for all of that. Then in 2004 I was pulled over, cited, and of course only DL was asked for. Was this something recent?
Ahhh!!! Me now understands!

Yeah I dont drive fast enough, why the heck rush to traffic that isnt going anywhere anyways! But then again a HEMI uses a heck of alot of gas!

I had just moved to GA in 2000 and in NY it is sometimes usual for them to ask for all that. So I wasnt quite up to date yet on GA policies.

Thanks for clearing it up guys!
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