California Legislature Committee Mandates Bad Grammar

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    No more "gender" pronouns.

    Ironically, that is a proper use of gender. It is a grammar term. It does not really apply to persons, and is not a synonym for "sex," although arguably that improper use of the word is probably commonly accepted enough now to have successfully changed the English language.

    California Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, announced new committee rules last week to eliminate gendered pronouns from committee communication. No longer are members supposed to use pronouns, like “he/him,” or “she, her.” Instead members are supposed to break English grammar rules by using “them/they” to refer to individuals, even for people who identify as man or woman.

    Jackson said the change reflects the fact that California now recognizes a non-binary designation on birth certificates and driver’s licenses for those not wanting to identity as male or female.

    The chairman, er chairwoman, uh, I mean chairperson, announces the new rule and immediately breaks it unintentionally. Ironically, she recognizes that this is bad grammar. "My grammar teacher is long gone, and I won't be hearing from HER . . ." she is immediately corrected by others . . . They! She is a they!

    So you have to address the chair as "they" :lol: How do persons like this get elected? They are announcing rules to follow that require a rejection of objective reality.
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    It that was elected and all they/them/those that voted for it are stupid?

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    It will be hilarious when they start in on changing the Spanish language to remove all gender references. Perhaps they will declare English only in government so they won't have to mess with Spanish. /irony
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    Cali fell off the turnip truck long ago