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It's possible. I found this info and had been wondering about it too.

UPDATED: 25 October 2007: Law enforcement officials will agree that arson is the most difficult of crimes to "prove," especially in terms of identifying the perpetrator(s). The fires this week in Southern California have cost more than $1 billion in lost property and displaced more than a million people, the greatest evacuation California has ever seen. The origin of the massive Santiago Canyon Fire alone has caused an estimated $10 million in damage, burning about 20,000 acres so far and damaging or destroying about 30 structures. That cause of that fire has been officially declared arson, according to federal officials, who identified two separate "points of origin." Currently, the FBI is involved in the primary investigation of the fires, including forensic collection and analysis and scene management.

The Islamic terrorist threat inside the US

An early morning telephone call from our federal law enforcement source in California revealed information about the fires that suggests these are different than previous fires. Stated this source: "This is California and fires happen. But the manner in which these fires 'happened' indicate some level of pre-planning." When asked about the specific indications of pre-planning, this source declined to elaborate, adding only that the specific locations of origin combined by perfect weather and wind conditions are being investigated.

"The terrorists with whom we are at war and want to exact revenge on the U.S. are using simpler tactics with greater results. We have interviewed 10, perhaps 12 admitted members or al Qaeda or 'al Qaeda sympathizers' who have admitted using fires to destroy areas of the country, from Utah to Colorado and California. They've studies previous fire disasters, and have spoken and written about the physical damage, the psychological damage, and the strain on our resources," stated this source.

"Everybody is looking for the 'big one' - the refined attack, and too few are looking for the more simpler but far more consequential attacks that could be explained in a more traditional manner without having to frighten people with the word terrorism, and certainly without having to utter the phrase 'Islamic terrorism.' Few are thinking outside of the the box, the Western mindset" added this federal official. Can it be proven? Well, the concept is far from new.

In 2003, the Northeast Intelligence Network and WorldNetDaily were the first web sites to suggest the California wildfires that engulfed over one-half million acres that year could have been preplanned acts of terrorism "by al Qaeda members in the U.S. or associates who understand al Qaeda's modus operandi." Today, a law enforcement source speaking to this investigator from the Northeast Intelligence Network on the strict condition of anonymity says that this is not only possible, but "very likely" in 2003 as well as with the current state of the fires.

In 2003, verified intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists could have had a hand in some of the existing fires in southern California that engulfed over 1/2 million acres. "Over the past few years, they could have perfected their methods to the extent that we have this conflagration today. No one wants to admit it, but we believe the initial and other fires were intentionally set after waiting for the proper time. The environmental factors were 'just right' for this large of an event," stated this federal source.

These fires started just several days after I received a federal bulletin warning of such a possibility being initiated as a terrorist act," this source added.

Just like in 1993, a FBI bulletin dated June 25, 2003 that was sent to United States law enforcement agencies revealed a senior al-Qaeda detainee claimed to have developed a plan to start forest fires in the U.S. "Their ultimate target was noted to be California, using the drought and weather patterns to act as a catalyst to make the fire more damaging, a condition that exists during Ramadan. Days before this conflagration, I read a very similar bulletin [as sent in 1993]."

The following was excerpted from Arabic language, Muslim terrorist message boards in 2003:

"Allah's soldiers will devastate America by its burning...this is nothing but the start of the punishment assisted by Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds....These are the new fires different from the normal as Ramadan starts." (Muslims worldwide are celebrating Ramadan).

Other truncated messages from September 2003:

Oh Allah support the fighters everywhere, and hasten your support of them Oh Allah...

Oh Allah... ignite the land a fire from below the feet of the Crusaders and cunning Zionists...
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