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ORANGE COUNTY, California (CNN) -- One of the larger fires in Southern California was deliberately started by someone with apparent knowledge of arson, a fire official said Thursday.

The Santiago Fire in Orange County was started in two places along a little-traveled road, according to Chief Chip Prather of the county's fire authority.

The fire, which has burned more than 25,000 acres, was started in brush just off Santiago Canyon Road, not close to homes. It spread rapidly, indicating the arsonist had some knowledge of winds and other factors.

"It is a confirmed arson. There was evidence found at the scene. That is the purpose of our early declaration of it being an arson-caused fire," Prather said. He would not describe the evidence.
We've seen the detestation caused by this massive fire out in has been on the news, 24 hours a day, for several days now.

According to articles, they are certain this was caused by an arsonist, with good knowledge of fires and how they spread. Perfect timing for one, etc.

Am I being paranoid when the first thing that popped into my head was "What a perfect terrorist act..."?
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