buying first handgun, what do you reccomend?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TacomaOwna, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. TacomaOwna

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    This is a great website and I've enjoyed reading through some of the posts.

    I'm new to handguns although I'm an avid hunter and have been around shotguns/rifles all my life.

    I'm sure there have been posts in the past where people talk about the pros/cons of certain guns and which ones they prefer and why.

    I'll be in the market to purchase one in the near future and I'm looking for any suggestions or advice. I don't need anything too big and actually prefer something that could easily be concealed. I'm open to evertything from semi-auto to revolvers. I'd like to keep my first purchase to around $400 if possible. I'd like to do some shooting on the weekends at the local range, but mostly just for protection.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. mswicord

    mswicord New Member

    G want go wrong.....ammo cost is within reason so you can shoot it...

  3. M249

    M249 New Member

    You have to find the sidearm that works for YOU. I got my USP because I loved the controls, however, it's very "jumpy" because of my girly man grip. I want a P226 because I love the way it feels in my hands. I really liked the way the PX4 shot, but I didn't like the controls. I love the CZ75 but I don't like the smallish slide.

    My advice? What works for me may not work for you, so come to the GCO fall luncheon and shoot a bunch of firearms and see what works for YOU! I've found GCO and GPDO folks don't mind you shootin' their toys. ;)
  4. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Well, before we start picking guns, what experience do you have with handguns?
    Are you more familiar with autoloaders or with revolvers?
    If the former, do you have any preferences with regards to caliber, decockers, manual safeties, and trigger styles?
    If the latter, do you want to be able to shoot .357, or do you think .38 special will be enough?
    Do you have your GFL yet or have you applied?
    Do you have to worry about dressing a specific way for work?
    What kind of build do you have?

    Welcome to the forums! I hope we can help you out.
  5. USMC - Retired

    USMC - Retired Active Member

    Got the perfect answer for you.

    Step 1: Join GCO

    Step 2: Come to the Fall Luncheon/Member Shoot

    Step 3: Walk down the firing line talk to the other members and try whatever they brought (yes, they really are that friendly)

    Step 4: Form your own decision on what's right for you based on your newfound experience instead of what everyone else thinks is right for you.
  6. cdtracing

    cdtracing New Member

    I don't do the +1's very often but I have to agree with the "Guns" on this one. I will be bringing at least 4 or 5 hand guns as well as several rifles to the shoot. I won't mind letting you test drive a few items, but if you bring some ammo I'm sure some folks might just let you borrow some for a while.

    Sign up and attend the lunch. Find out what feels most comfortable for you.

  7. TacomaOwna

    TacomaOwna Guest

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'll make sure to put the Fall Luncheon/shoot on my calendar.

    In response to some of your questions:
    As I stated in the first post, I'm new to experience.
    I have no preferences (as of yet) with regards to triggers, caliber, decockers (whatever those are), and safties.
    I will be applying for my GFL this week.
    I sell Real Estate for a living and will not be carrying while working with clients. I mainly will only be carrying during non-working hours and on the weekends. Thus, I will be dressed casually (or in camo!)
    I'm 5'10" 155lbs and athletic build. (almost sounds like I'm trying to pick up a date on the internet or something). I like long walks on the beach...

    It sounds like the best thing to do is just go shopping at the local gun stores/ranges. And also go to the fall luncheon. I plan to do both.

    I think I'm looking more into semi-auto. I like the 9mm, but want something a bit smaller/less bulky if possible (without getting into the .22 caliber).

    Thanks for all the info.
  8. gsusnake

    gsusnake Token Liberal Hippie

    I'll just go ahead and add the suggestion that you come to the luncheon/shoot.

    We really are that friendly, and most of us will let you shoot anything we own if you just ask politely.

    Except for some of the old guys, you have to shout it at them (USMC-R, Macktee, MP, etc.)
  9. S&W 40

    S&W 40 Active Member

    I'm sure since you have been around shotguns and rifles, one is not enough.

    Most people if they shoot often will have several maybe not at the same time but you will learn what you like and dislike.
  10. ThetaReactor

    ThetaReactor Active Member

    Can't go too wrong with a Glock. Very simple, very reliable. They're not particularly interesting weapons, nor much to look at, but they do their job well. They're the Honda of the gun world.
  11. SigP229

    SigP229 Active Member

    You don't say where you live but the Eastman gun show is this coming weekend in Savannah and a great place to check out and get a feel of all (most) of the guns you'll be hearing about on this site...and if you come, make sure you stop by the GCO table and say hi and sign up. :D
  12. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    FTFY... :)
  13. Thorsen

    Thorsen New Member

    Welcome by the way. I hope to be able to make it to the luncheon, and if so feel free to ask me at the range afterwards to shoot my handguns. Handgun selection, as others have stated, are a personal choice based on a lot of different factors but I am sure if you are able to come out to the shoot after the luncheon that someone will have a handgun that matches up with you, or at least points you in the right direction.

    If you want to read a short article on the basics of the most common trigger types, go here. It doesn't discuss DAK types and I am sure others that I am not familiar with, but it does provide information on the most common types of trigger actions.
  14. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    Because of this guy, I would rethink that decision.

    Male / Female?

    Building on what budder & gunny have said; your grip geometry is a factor too. Big / small... thick / thin... etc.

    I carry a Glock 23, it's ideally suited to my large hands. My wife has small hands and has difficulty holding the G23. She's slightly more comfortable with a G19 / G26. Ideally, she's most comfortable with a single stack (magazine) pistol like a Kahr CW7.

    Bum pistols off of people at the range... visit a local gun shop and rent guns... always try before you buy...
  15. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    Gun shops are great but you really can't tell enough to make a purchase decision without first shooting them. The luncheon would be a perfect way to accomplish this. If you can't make it, then find a range with a good selection of rentals. Most places will let you rent guns for $5 -10 each.

    Guns selection really is subjective but I always recommend Glocks for the same reason someone already suggested - they are the Honda of the gun world. They are always reliable and very simple to use, clean, etc. For a first gun I would also recommend the G19 (compact 9mm with great magazine capacity).

    When you decide what you like, watch this forum for something used for sale. There are a lot of good pistols moving around among us. (e.g. this Glock 22 is a great package deal :lol: )
  16. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    I concur... it's in his budget... and it's got lots of nice bonuses such as night sites...
  17. Sharky

    Sharky Active Member

    Da Man knows! +100
  18. Adam5

    Adam5 Atlanta Overwatch

    I have to agree. Different handguns have different feels, grip sizes and angles between the grip and slide/barrel to them. Different people have different size hands, and longer or shorter fingers. These differences mean that what feels perfectly natural for one person to fire, will feel awkward to another, and vise versa. Some people are a littl emore recoil sensative than others.

    Come to the lunch, shoot a little of everything, shoot some again, then decide what felt best to you.

    By the way, :welcome:
  19. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    GCO Lunch Link! :wink:
  20. ptsmith24

    ptsmith24 New Member

    And afterwards, when you buy a pistol, stop by Richmond Hill and try it out! :wink: