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    The following rules/guidelines must be strictly followed in order for members to use the Classifieds forum. Violations of any of these rules will result in the deletion of your post or topic without prior notification or warning.

    Violators could lose access to the Classifieds section if these rules are not followed. A warning may or may not be given for these violations before access is cut off and arguing about a rule or violation with a moderator will only get you into more trouble (these are my rules which the Mods are enforcing, they have no control over them).

    If you do not agree with any of these rules, don't post.

    If you see a rule being violated, please use the report feature (click on the "!" button in the post that is violating the rule).

    1.1 - Email Addresses of Buyers/Sellers/Traders: Users of this forum must post a valid email address within the contents of their post (or have their forum profile set up to allow emails). This is for possible buyers to contact the seller for more info, pictures or mailing information.

    1.2 - Price: Post the price you want for the merchandise you are selling. If you are unsure about a price, make a general estimation and work it out with the potential buyers. This board is not for auctions, so don't make people start at a lower price and work their way up. You have and for those types of sells. We also recommend posting pictures in the thread, but this is your choice.

    1.3 - No Bashing: If someone is selling/trading/buying a product for more than it's worth or you don't like the price or the firearm itself, don't bash their thread or products. Feel free to PM/Email the seller/trader/buyer to inform them of such and why, but don't take-over the thread.

    1.4 - Laws and Regulations: It is the buyer and seller's responsibility to make sure they are abiding local and federal laws when buying and selling products. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of FFLs for out of state guns sales as well as certain firearm restrictions in some states.

    1.5 - Seller Problems: If a seller is late with mailing a product or you are having difficulties, do not post a topic about it. PM a moderator or admin about the issue and try contacting the seller. If a response from the seller is not received after an extended period of time, then you might want to start seeking proper legal action at your own discretion. Please do not post their personal information to the board, it will be deleted.

    1.6 - Items Sold: When an item is sold, please inform readers via editing of your ORIGINAL post as well as erasing the price from the contents. Use of bold is recommended. It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain shipping/personal information from the seller.

    1.7 - Bumping: Bumping, or the replying to threads in order to bring them to the top of the thread list, should be limited to once a day. Anything in excess of this will be considered spam and result in deletion of the thread.

    1.8 - No Dealers: As with forum rules, you may not post items for sale that are associated with a business you or someone else owns. However, if you might want to offer special deals etc., feel free to PM a moderator or admin, we might make exceptions.

    1.9 - No Links to Auctions/Other Sites: This board is for members to make deals/sales on this site only. Posting of links to auctions or sites containing items you're trying to sell is prohibited.

    2.0 - Liability: Neither myself,, nor anyone else associated with us takes responsibility for the actions that take place in this forum. Each sell is to be taken as a buyer/seller agreement between those 2 parties with no one else involved. In the case a deal goes bad, we can not be held responsible in any way. If you do not agree with this or any of the rules, then do not use this forum!

    2.1 - Minimum Requirement for Buyers/Sellers/Traders: Before being allowed to originate an advertisement or buy/sell/trade topic on the forum, Buyer/Seller/Trader must have at least 50 quality posts (quality means constructive posts, not posts which have only a simple emoticon, "+1" or other easy to post responses) OR been a member for 3 months. If you do not meet either requirement, the topic will deleted and you will be notified. If your post count is found to be made up of non-quality posts, the 3 month minimum will be imposed.

    2.2 - Location: If your location is not set in your profile then you must post your location in the topic.

    2.3 - Seller is responsible for items: The person posting the item for sale or trade must either be the actual owner or if they are not the owner, the person posting the item is taking full responsibility for the sale and delivery of the item.


    Buyers should obtain the sellers phone number and ship only to home addresses (not P.O. Box). It is also recommended that you try the phone number prior to shipping to make sure everything is ok and valid. Make sure to check local laws before ordering merchandise, if you break the law by buying something illegal, it isn't our fault. It is advisable to use services such as UPS or Fedex so that you can get a package tracking number. Payment method is at your discretion, but we highly discourage the use of cash. Money Orders are a much better alternative. If you have problems, please contact the seller and be patient. It might just be a misunderstanding or some unforeseen problem.
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