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SOCIAL CIRCLE â€" Department of Public Safety officers have arrested four suspects in connection with a series of entering vehicles in the city in recent weeks.

“This is still an active investigation and not all of the property has been recovered,†said SCDPS Director Tom Fox. “But we feel like we have the folks responsible and I want to praise the officers for their good police work. But this was also the result of proactive community involvement, which pointed the investigation in a more specific direction.â€

On Sept. 24, as officers were returning a checkbook stolen from a car and later found during a community clean up, the victim spoke with investigators about four suspicious people in the area. Three days later, while continuing the investigation, officers spoke with another vehicle break-in victim who reported a stereo stolen was returned by a juvenile who lived nearby. Investigators were already seeking the juvenile as a person of interest in another break-in.
More at link: ... 002e0.html

Another great job by the officers of Social Circle DPS. I talked to one of the public safety officers and he says this is very common around Social Circle and is increasing in frequency. Along with the robbery of firearms story that I am about to post as well.

Guess I'll be keeping on my toes.
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