Burglar Held by Homeowner with Gun

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    Madison, Georgia

    On January 8 Rickey Terrell, 50, Madison, was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespass after a homeowner on Eatonton Road allegedly found Terrell in his garage office. According to reports, the homeowner reported that his alarm went off and he secured a pistol and walked to the garage to investigate. Once there, reports state, the homeowner said he saw Terrell in his garage office. The homeowner pointed the pistol at Terrell and told his wife to call police. As officers were arriving, reports state, Terrell attempted to walk away from the scene but the homeowner fired a warning shot into the ground near Terrell and Terrell halted. Officers had to force Terrell to the ground after they arrived.

    http://morgancountycitizen.com/gbase/Ex ... oid%3A5086
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    Warning shots are not the best idea, but whatever gets the job done.

  3. Macktee

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    If Rickey had more than a couple of functioning brain cells, he would have immediately taken off at a dead run rather than waiting for the cops to show up and then trying to causually saunter away. What a dumb ass!

    But then, if he were even halfway smart, he wouldn't have to steal for a living...

    Shoot him in the gonads and claim self-defence.

    That keeps him around until the cops arrive, it teaches him not to steal from you and it hopefully keeps him from fathering any more thieving bastards like him!

    In the good old days, horse thieves were hanged. Car-jackers, and others who steal, should receive the same treatment!