Burger King Removes "Ham" From Hamburger Names

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by moe mensale, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. moe mensale

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    In South Africa. For now. Haven't seen any corroborating stories in our MSM but that's not unusual.

    But they serve bacon there now! :shock: It's all so confusing. :confused:

    So BK (in South Africa) will bend over to "respect" their muslim customers. Who make up a whopping (snicker, snicker) 1.5% of the population. Who knows. Maybe this is a trend that BK - and maybe others - will implement worldwide. You know. To be respectful.

    Speaking of respect, maybe Muhammad should have chosen a better name. Perhaps all this killing, conquering and mayhem could have been prevented. Just saying. :righton: :lol:
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  2. phantoms

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    Is it in respect or just in understanding? Do those in South Africa that want to not consume pork understand the word hamburger does not contain ham and would BK lose a lot of sales while they try to educate their potential customers that it's only beef and no ham?

  3. moe mensale

    moe mensale Well-Known Member

    It's political correctness. It's also how Sharia law gets implemented. By sticking the camel's nose under the tent.
  4. gunsmoker

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    I wonder of South African muslims are immigrants from North Africa, or local tribesmen who just decided to become muslim because it's a good way of saying "Eff You Whitey!" to all of Western Civilization and particularly the Brits and Dutch whose ancestors exploited the local tribesmen's ancestors by making them build railroads, till the soil and become the breadbasket of the continent (instead of hunting and gathering), build and staff factories...

    ... having more black Muslims in a nation is the quickest way to destroy it, and wipe away all the traces of civilization that the imperialist Christians built. Then when your society is destroyed, you can emerge with a new culture based on something else, some mix of Muhammadism and Paganism in that region, most likely.