Building on the GCO Summer Lunch!

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    The GCO Summer Luncheon was great! Now I think we have an opportunity to build on this by taking action to help representative Bearden with his efforts on HR900.

    My wife and I both thought that Representative Bearden's remarks were very refreshing. We liked his approach and honesty. I think we have the ability to help him make a difference, and to show that we as an organization can make a difference at a grass roots level. And of course this will help us as Representative Bearden knows that we are an involved group of people and worthy of his support.

    So how about it? I have written my representative (Mark Hamilton 23rd district) with the following:

    The Honorable Mark Hamilton
    Georgia State District 23 Representative

    Mr. Hamilton:

    I had the privilege of attending a meeting of the Georgia Carry Organization ( at which Representative Tim Bearden was the speaker. As part of the discussion, Representative Bearden spoke about HR 900, which I believe would provide an exceptional advantage for Georgia residents and businesses alike.

    I would encourage you to carefully review this bill and support it for the economic advantages it would provide for those in our district, as well as for the state as a whole.


    and followed it up with an email to Rep Tim Bearden like this:

    Representative Bearden,

    Thank you for the informative discussion last Saturday at the
    Summer Luncheon. In particular I was pleased to hear of your work on HR900 to
    provide fair taxation for Georgia residents and businesses.

    I have emailed my representative, Mark Hamilton of the 23rd District, to tell
    him of both your presentation and my support of your efforts in this area.

    Thank you again for your support of grass roots organizations such as, and for your continuing work on behalf of all Georgians.



    Action we take now can help us pass the legislation we want in the future, as well as supporting HR900, which looks like a big step in the right direction for taxation in Georgia. Let's get involved and leverage what Ed Stone and the GCO Board have started!
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    Those are well-written emails. I definitely like the idea. Even though it isn't something GCO-specific, I see what you're saying. It would be a great thing for members to help out with. "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" kinda deal.

    Did he speak any about guns/gun laws? Or was it mainly a discussion on effectively communicating with Sens. and Reps.?

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    My wife and I only jotted down a couple of the high points. Someone was taking more detailed notes at the "GCO Board" table. I agree, it would be nice to get a breakdown of everything Rep. Bearden talked about.
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    Agreed - I would love to know what I missed.
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    I received a return email from my representative today:

    Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

    Thank you for your e-mail concerning HR 900. I have viewed 3 separate presentations on this resolution and am interested in obtaining more details as they develop over the remaining 5 months. I agree conceptually with the new plan but will need to see more information as it develops before offering a final opinion. Please feel free to keep me posted on your thoughts. Thank you for being involved in this important process.


    Representative Mark Hamilton
    District 23
    Coverdell Legislative Office Building
    Suite 504
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    [email protected]
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    And this from Representative Bearden,


    It was an absolute honor for me to get the opportunity to speak with the organization. The group has a very real chance, with the progress that has been made in a short time, to be a very strong voice throughout the state for gun owners and individuals that want to protect themselves. Just remember, HR 900 is the Speakers bill, but I am being a very loud cheerleader for it. I think it will put Georgia on the map throughout the world. Thanks again for allowing me to speak and never hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you or


    Timothy J Bearden
    State Representative
    District 68