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merlock said:
ahlongslide said:
Macktee said:
OK gunners and gunnerettes...

I don't know what happened, but I have multiple posts and I can't seem to delete any of them.

So, sorry about that.

At least it was multiple reposts of a beautiful gun!

:^o :puke:
+ :puke:
Hey merlock and alongside. You guys do realize, I hope, you'll go to hell for lying just the same as for stealing.....!


You really do think it's a beautiful gun?

Oh......... :oops:

Never mind... :oops:


Yeah, it is nice..... :oops: Honest! I also admired the one budder was all excited about. That was just a joke. Ya know, me posting like he should be embarrassed or something.

Hey! If youse guys like it, Ah doz too!!! :lol:

Sorry about any misunderstanding or anything. :oops:

It's pretty. REally! Buuteefull!!!

:minigun: :puke:
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