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    anybody any good at fixing cell phones cheap or now a place that does.

    i have motorola rizr Z3 that i bought cheap 2 years ago as my international phone (unlocked quad band). it worked great for its purpose but now the end button/power button will not work.

    i got a quote from CPR (cell phone repair) and they told me it would be almost $100. since i wont use the phone very much and they want more then 3 times what i paid for the phone in the first place, i figured i would ask here or else i will go and search on ebay for a new one
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    Basic phones are mostly displosal technology devices nowadays. Some of the more expensive smartphones have user servicable components (e.g. touchscreens) inside if your a little technically inclined. Sometimes you can come across cheap components (screen, keyboard, etc.) for cheaper phones, but it is very hit and miss. Additionally, if you're not experienced in working with small electronics, it can be a frustrating repair for some people as you deal with micro ribbon cables, micro antenna connectors, etc.

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    Sounds like you got a good deal and a lot of mileage out of your old phone. Take it for what it was. Time for a new unlocked phone.