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Break-in at McCord's Gun in Vidalia

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As I drove to work this morning, police were stringing POLICE LINE tape around the parking lot. Apparently, someone drove a vehicle through the front doors to gain access to the building. :screwy: The parking lot was littered with the convenience store fixtures and merchandise.

Breaking news: Police were later able to find and pursue the suspects. They ditched the stolen car and went into a logging area on foot. Guns were found near the vehicle. A "teenager" was found in one of the logging machinery when the workers got to the woods at daybreak. It was 19° in the area this morning....

Wonder what agencies will be involved in the investigation?
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Great job catching the guy. Crappy job letting him escape at the red-light in McRae while transporting him to Irwin Co Jail for safe-keeping. Okay job re-capturing him. lol
Just hope they didn't get any of those wonderful McCords boiled peanuts....that'd be a hanging offense.

Skid marks leading to the gun shop. The vehicle used to "break-in" was parked behind the store.

The broken gun cases...

Handgun to be rectified.

The Shotguns and in the background - ATF agents doing inventory and logging the recovered firearms.
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