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FOR TRADE ONLY. Please do not ask for a cash price.

This Sig P220 Platinum Elite has never had a loaded mag inserted. It is brand new/unfired outside of Sig's test range. It is a single stack, slim frame .45ACP and still has the Sig tag hanging from the trigger guard. Comes with full beavertail, Sig alum. grips, SA/DA, Night Sights, box, paper, 2 mags, the whole bit.

This is an overflow gun and I probably won't ever fire it so I am looking to trade it for the following:

Value: $1050 and I can add cash for the right trade.

A. Nicer 1911's (+/- cash)
B. (2 or 3) Glocks in 9mm/.40/.45, in excellent shape only with box & dox, +/- cash or accessories.
C. Smith & Wesson 625 Stainless Revolver 3"/4"/5" + cash
D. Ruger Alaskan
D. Nice AR15's in 5.56 or 6.8SPC
E. Semi Auto .308 Battle Rifles
F. Nice automatic feeder + cash
G. FoxPro + Cash
H. Laser Genetics ND3x40 or 50 plus cash
I. Nice trail cam + cash

...or anything else that you think may excite me. I dont need bows, cross bows, black powder or animals.

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