Brady Campaign is Getting Desparate

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    This is from Clayton Cramer:

    The Brady Campaign is Getting Desperate

    Their latest press release seeks to discourage state legislatures from passing laws that allow concealed carry holders from having guns in their cars in publicly accessible parking lots:

    The problem is that when you read that report (which oddly enough, is actually in the British Medical Journal--the link to the full article takes you here) you see that they are not discussing workplace situations with much relevance to the laws in question. The article describes the type of workplaces that they are comparing. The workplaces that allow armed employees include "convenience stores, petrol stations, grocery shops, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and taxi services." In short, businesses with customers coming into the store to shop and rob or to get drunk and behave badly.

    Employers with prohibitions on guns on the premises tend to be ones like mine, where there are no customers walking in the door anonymously, and that aren't open at night. I'm sure if gas stations, nightclubs, bars, and taxi cab companies had the same operating hours, requirements to show ID for non-employees, secured entrances, they would have comparable murder rates.

    A detailed breakdown of the murder circumstances the study examined show what is going on: "Of the 105 murders studied, 60 were associated with a robbery of the workplace and 39 with disputes. Of the disputes, 20 were work related, 16 were with a partner or family member, and three were other or unknown."

    The workplace robberies have nothing to do with employees having guns in the parking lot. Of the 16 "with a partner or family member," unless you work with that partner or family member, it seems hard to believe that these were because an employee had a gun in the car in the parking lot. A bit more detail about the twenty "work related" would be useful. I would not be surprised if there were murders were someone got upset, went out to the parking lot, got his gun, and went back inside. But I would be very surprised if most of these twenty murders were like that.
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