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    The Bradley Wellness Center is part of the Hamilton Health Care System. The center is like a YMCA. We started a family membership last January. I got injured a did not go for a while. Sometime in the summer, they posted large "No Weapons" signs with gun and knife busters, and language informing the reader that it was private property.

    The rest of Hamilton Health Care System has always been anti-gun; in fact, an adjacent rehabilitation building was already posted. I think one of the mass shootings spurred them to put of the signs, but I don't know when they did exactly.

    The family membership is expiring very soon, and my wife (who is the only one who still goes) wrote to the management about their security. As expected, they stated that it was policy throughout their properties to prohibit weapons, but fortunately for us, their private security makes their rounds at least every 90 minutes through the center. :shakehead:
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    My parents lived in Royal Oaks for a while; it's also a HHCS property as well as the Hamilton Medical Center. Both facilities are signed with typical 'No Weapons Allowed' postings at the ingress points. I carried into RO and HMC on a regular basis in 2017 and early 2018 at all hours with no ill effects on anyone, including me. No detectors of any kind were observed. I suspect the HHCS attorneys and/or their liability carrier initiated the signage as part of a risk management program; as usual, "concealed means concealed" works well if no magnetometers are present.
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